Join me on a challenging quest as an expat bride in South Korea, searching for the perfect wedding dress for my France wedding. From size limitations to cross-border logistics, I’ll unveil the complexities of finding the gown that fulfills my dreams. Feel free to bookmark many of my suggestions for later, as I’ve added plenty of options in France, South Korea, and internationally!

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Expat weddings are not easy. Since there’s so much to get through, I divided my wedding planning post into different parts. Once each post is ready, I’ll update the links here with the journey. Stay tuned!

Wedding Fashion Challenges

Wedding dress shopping should be one of the happiest times in your life! Or so they say.

No matter what country you live in, wedding dresses often take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. If you’ve never went wedding dress shopping, you’d be shocked to know that it can take 6-8 months to make a wedding dress as most dresses are not “off the rack”.

For many expat brides, finding your “dream dress” may not be as easy as you’d hoped. Living in South Korea, I found it extremely difficult, and I’ll explain why below.

My unique situation and challenges:

  • Dress boutiques in Korea don’t carry my size
  • My wedding is in France
  • Buying a dress typically requires multiple fittings in person
  • I live in South Korea
  • Renting a dress in Korea requires staff or a helper
  • Renting a dress in France must be done in person and subject to availability on that day
  • Like most people, I do not have an unlimited budget

Wedding Dress Shopping as an Expat in Korea

Most expat women, like the locals, work with a wedding planner in Korea to arrange in-person fittings if they were having their wedding in South Korea. Many others that I spoke to simply ordered a cheap(ie) dress from overseas like ASOS.

There are two well-known areas for wedding dress shopping in Seoul, South Korea. The first is Ahnyeondong Wedding Street in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The second would be the more premium Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong areas in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.


  • Rental dresses are widely available
  • The average cost of making a dress locally is lower than in other countries


  • Limited English-speaking ability
  • A fitting fee is required between 50,000 to 100,000 KRW
  • Limited size availability – typically only up to a US 4-6
  • Styles lean more conservative or sequinned
  • Imported dresses are subject to duties/taxes
  • Dress rentals often require hiring a “helper” per day

However, there’s a reason why my dress search leaned more heavily in Europe and the U.S. My #1 difficulty in South Korea was sizing. My dress size (US 8) is not a common size in South Korea and is generally considered plus-sized for the average Korean woman. I’ve ranted about this before in, “Where to Buy Plus-Sized Clothing in Seoul, Korea 2021.”

The workaround for the sizing issue would be to have my dress custom-made in South Korea, but I wasn’t confident about the styles offered. I’ve heard some success stories from ladies in expat groups in Korea who’ve had their dresses custom-made in Korea for less than 2 million won, usually hovering around the 1 million won mark.

Renting a Wedding Dress in Korea

Typically, Korean women rent their wedding dresses. It makes a lot of sense. The dress is only being worn for one day! Even if the stores in Apgujeong carried my size, they warned me that I’d have to hire a “dress helper” or staff member to accompany the dress (and me) per day which didn’t work for my circumstances. If you’re having a local wedding in South Korea, you should definitely look into this option. You can also often get discounted rates by going through a local wedding planner.

Keep in mind that in South Korea, you have to pay to try on wedding dresses — typically around 50,000 won. If you end up renting or purchasing one of the dresses that you try on that day, the boutique will normally put that money towards the cost of the wedding dress.

Buying a Wedding Dress in Korea

Made-to-order wedding dresses also exist here, and there’s a whole wedding dress street in Sinchon, called Ahyeondong Wedding Street. When I walked through the street, I wasn’t feeling it. I’m hard to please, and I also wasn’t confident about finding the right cut for my body shape in South Korea as most clothing styles here tend to be one-size-fits-skinny-and-short. Even if they could accommodate my size, I was left with very limited styles.

Some of the stores on Ahyeondong Wedding Street (Sinchon) are: Dress Code: White, iTuxedo, Yoon’s Wedding, Weawon, La déesse, e-che, Mazel, Abba, Yoon Design, Ariel, and Rosa Dress Collection.

For plus-sized wedding dresses, I’ve heard good things about My Veil [Naver Map] and Mate Wedding.

Price ranges for wedding dresses in Korea tend to vary greatly. You’re obviously going to pay a premium at shops in Apgujeong — a bougie area in Seoul — but you can find better deals at low-key shops like the ones on Ahyeondong Wedding Street.

I looked into wedding dress boutiques in Seoul that carry international brands, but they told me that since they don’t carry my size, they would have to order the dresses that I liked from overseas at an extra charge.

Wedding boutiques in Korea telling me they didn’t have my size

For example, I was considering the Alex Perry Isobel Dress for my wedding, and one boutique in South Korea quoted me 6,200,000 Korean won, including tax, with a wait of about 3 to 4 months for the dress to arrive (before alterations.) The fitting (try-on) charge for the boutique was 100,000 Korean won, and they didn’t carry my size in store. For reference, the same Alex Perry dress is available as RTW (ready to wear) on MyTheresa for 4200 euros with VAT included and 3525 euros excluding VAT. Due to currency fluctuations, there was a more significant upcharge at the time, but it’s now a little more reasonable. The boutique in Korea was a little flaky, so I decided against pursuing the dress with them.

For another example, I requested a quote in English for an Inbal Dror dress at Sposa Linea, and I was quoted between $12,000 to $25,000. It was more than I wanted to spend on a wedding dress, so I skipped this option.

If you’re looking for a very particular international bridal designer dress in South Korea, I recommend contacting the wedding dress brand directly to see if they sell their dresses through a particular boutique in South Korea. Many overseas dress designers like Galia Lahav will tell you who stocks their bridal wear. If you’re wondering who stocks Galia Lahav in South Korea, the answer is Marie Belle Couture.

Pronovias, one of the biggest bridal dress brands internationally, stocks their dresses with Cinzia Ferri and Esmeralda Sposa in Seoul, South Korea. You can contact Mr. Kang of Cinzia Ferri in English to set up an appointment.

Wedding Boutique

Supsok Dress

Supsok Dress is a wedding dress boutique located in Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea that takes in-person fittings for wedding gowns by reservation and carries dresses and accessories online. You can find dresses from 139,000 KRW to 500,000 KRW as well as wedding veils and shoes. Bigger sizes (up to 6XL in Korean standards) are available.

Fashion Label

Arha Bridal

ARHA BRIDAL offers a wedding dress shopping experience where brides can explore designs, try on fittings, and make affordable purchases. ARHA GRAPHY provides a self-studio space for free wedding photography. Find ARHA BRIDAL at multiple locations in Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju, and Suwon. Dresses range from 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 won.

Fashion Label

Hwang Jeongah

Discover the perfect wedding dress that reflects your style, image, and body type at Hwang Jeong-ah Wedding & Dress Boutique. Led by renowned designer Hwang Jeong-ah, the collection features sophisticated silhouettes, elegant details, and versatile designs. From mini dresses to colored gowns, they offer meticulously crafted pieces that capture your unique style and bring your bridal vision to life.

Fashion Label


Formysis is a brand launched by dress designer Oh Ga-yoon, a contemporary dress brand that captures beauty in simplicity. From customized dresses for one person’s shining moment to wedding collections that can be chosen according to taste, they offer evening dresses that will brighten up your special day.

Wedding Boutique

Sposa Linea

Sposa Linea is a high-end bridal boutique in Apgujeong, Seoul that carries European luxury wedding dresses and brands like Viktor&Rolf, Paolo Sebastian, Antonio Riva, Ersa Atelier, Georges Hobeika, Inbal Dror, Savannah Miller, Amsale, and more.

Fashion Label


Sogeun carries clean, minimal dresses for purchase and rent. Rental prices start at around 100,000 KRW and dresses for purchase are between 200,000 to 400,000 KRW.

Fashion Label


MODENY produces unique handmade dresses for their wedding day. Dress rentals start at around 400,000 KRW and made-to-order dresses start at around 1,500,000 KRW.

Fashion Label


IA’LABO is a designer wedding dress brand based in Seoul makes unique pieces for a unique bride. Using carefully selected high quality silk as the main material, they work in an atelier with artisans who have more than 40 years of experience. They provide both rental and for-purchase dresses.

Fashion Label

Marshall Bride

Marshall Bride is a wedding dress brand that carries both custom-made dresses and rental dresses. Shop locations include Seoul, Cheonan, Ulsan, Jeonju, Daeju, Gangnam, Daegu, and Jeju Island.

Fashion Label

Lee Myung Soon

Lee Myung-soon Wedding Dress, an iconic haute couture brand, celebrates 30 years of excellence. Meticulously crafted with a perfect fit and timeless elegance, Lee Myung-soon designs balance the female silhouette flawlessly. The Black Label collection showcases exquisite craftsmanship, featuring thousands of crystals and imported fabrics. Poetry by Lee Myeong-soon offers trendy, romantic styles, while REEHUE provides sophisticated ceremony wear. With renowned celebrity endorsements and branches nationwide, Lee Myung-soon leads the wedding industry with custom-made and ready-to-wear lines.

Fashion Label


Veils is a wedding dress and accessories brand with dresses from 100,000 to 500,000 KRW. You can also purchase wedding accessories like faux flower bouquets, shoes, veils, and wedding accessories like tiaras and bride-to-be banners.

Fashion Label

Cosmo Marieè

Cosmo Mariee carries a small selection of elegant, feminine wedding dresses for rent or for purchase.

Fashion Label


Marrynmari carries a variety of wedding and evening gowns with a feminine, classic bridal look for rent and for purchase.

Wedding Dress Shopping in France

I emailed a myriad of wedding dress boutiques locally and overseas. Often, I received blunt rejections from overseas boutiques that require in-person fittings. I was told that I would have to physically come into the store between 2-3 times this year to have my measurements taken.

A lot of my friends asked why I didn’t just choose to buy a dress in France, but due to the long time it takes to make a wedding dress, and my limited vacation time, I wasn’t able to fly back and forth to France just for fittings. I did, however, do quite a lot of research on the topic, and I can tell you what I came up with.


  • Wide size selection, catering to most body types
  • More variety in wedding dress styles


  • Most required multiple in-person fittings
  • Slow to follow up on emails
  • Most do not ship internationally

Wedding Dress Boutiques in France

One of my initial thoughts was to fly to France in June and shop around since it would be easier to find my size. Of course, I soon realized that I didn’t have enough time between June and the wedding to complete a wedding dress as they typically require in-person fittings, and it didn’t make sense for me to fly to/from Seoul and Paris throughout the year. Nevertheless, I’m adding a list of boutiques in France that I looked at.

Wedding Boutique

Mariée Parisienne

Mariée Parisienne carries a wide range of traditional European and French designer wedding dresses catering to all styles. The boutique is conveniently located a few steps from the Eiffel Tower, and appointments can be booked for a personalized shopping experience. Their sister boutique, Cymbeline Paris, carries more contemporary wedding gowns.

Wedding Boutique

Cymbeline Paris

Cymbeline is a bridal shop located in the 15th district of Paris that offers a warm setting for custom fitting. The store showcases their Cymbeline and Pour un Oui by Cymbeline collections, featuring bohemian bridal dresses in lace and volume princesses suitable for both civil and religious weddings. In addition, the shop offers designer dresses from collaborations with other designers, as well as evening dresses, cocktail dresses, and children’s dresses that are perfect for wedding processions.

Wedding Boutique

Empire du Mariage

With over 150 wedding dresses from multiple designers like Aire Barcelona, La Sposa, and San Patrick, you’re sure to find the perfect dress. Prices range from €300 to €2,500, and there are four locations throughout Paris. Other designers include Miss Kelly, Just for You, and Alma Novia, among others. Don’t miss out on the selection at Empire du Mariage!

Wedding Boutique

Showroom Mariage du Printemps Haussmann

This large department store, located in the 9th arrondissement, offers a wide range of dresses exclusively available in-store. The wedding showroom can be found on the 6th floor of Printemps. Choose from well-known international designers such as Reem Acra, Naeem Khan, and Costarellos, as well as up-and-coming designers. Prices start at around €1,500 and average between €3,000 and €5,000 for larger dresses, with some from Reem Acra or Naeem Khan priced up to €11,000. Other designers carried include Margaux Tardits, Laure de Sagazan, and Rue de Seine.

Wedding Boutique

Metal Flaque

You can make an appointment to see their wedding dress samples (off the rack). The price range is wide, with long wedding dresses starting at 1,500 € and short dresses at around 800 €. Most couture dresses cost around 10,000 €. Metal Flaque carries designers such as Berta, Caroline Castigliano, Catherine Deane, Ersa Atelier, Halfpenny London, Inbal Dror, Justin Alexander Signature, Mira Mandic, Pure by Inbal Dror, Sophie et Voilà, Suzanne Neville, Sylwia Kopczynska, Thibaut Lauvergne, and Viktor & Rolf.

Wedding Boutique

Dressing Club (Outlet)

Le Dressing Club is more than just a wedding dress shop, offering a unique outlet service for wedding dresses. They carry bridal gowns from famous French designers like Laure de Sagazan, Rime Arodaky, and Marie Laporte, among others. Le Dressing Club recovers samples from designers and shops, as well as second-hand wedding dresses, which they resell at up to 60% off the original selling price. With a large showroom in Paris, a shop in London, and a dynamic e-shop, they offer around 600 unique models and sell over 900 items per year.

Wedding Dress Labels with a Boutique in France

Fashion Label

Yasmin Hassaine

Yasmin Hassaïne is a Paris-based bridal fashion brand founded in 2020 by a former designer of Celine, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton. The brand creates unique and elegant bridal dresses with a touch of modernity and haute couture. Yasmin draws each model by hand and works with highly skilled dressmakers, embroiderers, and silk flower makers to bring her creations to life. The brand aims to offer the most beautiful materials and embroideries to reveal dresses that make sumptuous silhouettes and give a dazzling look.

Fashion Label

Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky is a French wedding dress designer, hailing from Paris but with Syrian roots, known for her modern and sensual designs that break away from traditional rules. Her designs are inspired by icons of the 1970s, such as Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger, and feature pure white, fitted and flowing dresses with sensual details and innovative cuts.

Fashion Label

Atelier Emelia

Atelier Emelia is an ethical, eco-responsible wedding dress house based in France. With a family history of sewing passed down from mother to daughter, their creations are made with respect for people and nature. Their team guides brides-to-be in their quest for perfection, adapting and updating their pieces according to clients’ desires. They recently opened a shop in Paris and are known for their exceptional and beautiful wedding dresses.

Fashion Label

Laure de Sagazan

Laure, a fashion school graduate, fell in love with the wedding world, creating Laure de Sagazan in 2011. Her retro-inspired dresses are modern and poetic, embodying a cinematic and literary style. 100% made in Paris, her artisanal creations are made-to-measure with subtle details and finishes.

Fashion Label

Delphine Manivet

After studying at the Paris Fashion Institute and working at Rochas, Delphine Manivet started her own brand in 2004 after designing her own wedding dress. Her timeless and modern style revolutionized the bridal world, attracting women seeking elegance and romanticism. With a passion for preserving French sewing expertise and noble fabrics, she became an emblematic Parisian bridal designer, worn by both everyday women and celebrities on the red carpet.

Fashion Label

Sophie Sarfati

Sophie Sarfati is a Paris-based wedding dress designer who draws inspiration from current fashion and the 70s to create unique, ultra-feminine, and comfortable dresses. She prioritizes artisanal know-how and uses French materials for all her dresses. Sophie Sarfati’s expertise lies in handmade finishes, and each dress undergoes two to three fittings to ensure the perfect fit.

Fashion Label

Elise Hameau

Elise Hameau is a leading French bridalwear designer known for her rule-breaking sense of romanticism and timeless French craftsmanship. Her made-to-measure bridalwear has a nostalgic sense of elegance and has been likened to heirlooms of the 20s and 70s. She also creates occasion wear for the rest of the bridal party. Her designs respect the traditions of couture ‘à l’ancienne’ and are expertly crafted in her Parisian atelier. She is known for her 70s urban touch and sources inspiration from Paris, terraces, the Nouvelle Vague, and singers of the 70s.

Fashion Label

Margaux Tardits

Margaux Tardits has set up her atelier-showroom in the heart of Paris, in the 10th arrondissement. Like her wedding dresses, every detail has been carefully thought out to create an inspiring interior that reflects the chic French style. The Margaux team provides personalized assistance to customers throughout the entire process, from the first fitting to final alterations.

Fashion Label

Isabelle Boutin

Maison Isabella Boutin creates tailor-made wedding dresses using luxurious materials such as Calais lace, tulle, and silk. The designer offers a romantic lace line and a contemporary line with transparencies, as well as layering and double-sided dress options. The dresses are made to fit the bride’s personality and desires. Maison Isabella Boutin is located in Lyon, with collections also available in Paris, Nice, London, and New York.

Fashion Label

Elise Martimort

Elise Martimort is a French designer specializing in bespoke wedding dresses. With a background in Haute Couture, Elise emphasizes the importance of “slow fashion”, working with Living Heritage Companies, and using French materials and know-how. Her dresses are a blend of modernity and tradition, with the aim of creating unique and incredible dresses for each client. Elise is passionate, respectful, and generous, and values authenticity and honesty in her creations.

Fashion Label

Constance Fournier

Constance Fournier is a bridal designer with a passion for traditional craft tradition. Her workshop takes special care of every detail of your wedding dress, from drawing to cutting and sewing. Fournier and her team are committed to designing unique and personalized dresses for each client. With over 80 hours of work, every dress is meticulously crafted and designed to perfection. Fournier has been recognized for her mastery and willingness to pass on her traditional know-how to the younger generation. She has exhibited her work at prestigious events such as the European Parliament and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Fashion Label

Mademoiselle Deguise

Mademoiselle Deguise is a French bridal designer who creates fluid and structured bridal dresses using materials such as crepe, silk muslin, and delicate Calais-Caudry lace. Their collections speak to natural, elegant, and sensual women who value quality and meticulous workmanship. The designer emphasizes femininity and sensuality, and all their pieces have a marked waist to reveal the femininity of those who will wear them. Mademoiselle Deguise’s collections are made up of 6 dresses each season and are all designed and made in France in their ateliers in Paris and Brittany. The brand is committed to using French know-how, and the materials they select are from French artisans. The designer, Chloé Jaouën, is known for her spontaneous and sunny personality and values the relationships she builds with her future brides.

Fashion Label


A LA ROBE is a Parisian bridal designer creating handmade, silk gowns that are individually cut and produced in their ateliers in Paris and the French countryside. Their garments are pre-washed and eco-friendly, with handwashing recommended. Prices start at €1800 in their Paris Salon, with other collections including Lola Varma, Murashka, and Carta Branca also available. Orders should ideally be placed four months in advance, but shorter time frames can be accommodated.

Fashion Label

Manon Gontero

Manon Gontero is a modern, sensual, and feminine bridal designer, inspired by urban culture, rock, and women. Her dresses are made with high-quality materials, customized to each bride’s desires, and are known for being daring, unconventional, and feminine. Manon works with materials and contrasts to create movement on the body. She offers tailor-made dresses, which require between 2 and 4 fitting appointments, and take approximately 6 to 10 months to complete. Appointments are required, and brides can choose from existing designs or work with Manon to create their unique dress.

Fashion Label

Camille Recolin

Camille Recolin’s bridal atelier offers quality over quantity, with a small but curated collection of chic dresses made from lace, silk, and tulle. The designer provides personalized advice during private showings at the Nimes showroom or partner locations.

Fashion Label

Rosa Clará

In 1995, Rosa Clará established her brand by opening her first store in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona, where she began her journey of transforming bridal fashion with her cutting-edge designs that celebrate individuality, romanticism, and elegance. Today, her commitment to the highest-quality fabrics and production techniques is still evident in each wedding dress that bears her signature. With over 4,000 points of sale in more than 80 countries, Rosa Clará has become a world leader in bridal fashion. You can find Rosa Clará at Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris.

Fashion Label

Fabienne Alagama

In 2008, Fabienne Alagama founded her eponymous brand, which quickly became known for its original and chic wedding dresses. The brand creates feminine and modern made-to-measure dresses that combine timelessness and glamour. Fabienne’s designs feature sleek, fluid, and elegant lines, with refined plunging backs, subtle details, and games of materials and transparency. The brand prioritizes beautiful handmade finishes, and uses high-quality materials, including crepe, muslin, silk organza, mikado, tulle, and exceptional French, Italian, and Spanish lace. All wedding dresses are designed, manufactured, and hand-finished in Fabienne’s Parisian workshop in the 17th arrondissement.

Fashion Label

Atelier Blanche

Atelier Blanche was founded in 2018 by two creators: Pamela, the artistic director who designs the creations, and Anastasia, the workshop director who oversees the technical aspects such as measurements and pins. Their goal was to offer truly bespoke wedding dresses, made in France, with a focus on taking the time to get things right. The two creators receive clients themselves throughout the year in their Parisian Atelier-Studio, an intimate setting that is privatized for the duration of the dressmaking process. Here, each custom-made piece is created to be unique, just like the wearer.

Fashion Label

Maison Floret

Maison Floret offers tailor-made and ready-to-wear collections, as well as jewelry, bags, and shoes. Located in the Marais, Maison Floret provides personalized service to future brides, with dresses made to measure in their workshop. Founder Sidonie Floret seeks to highlight natural grace through her couture and minimal style. Prices range from €750 to €4500 for ready-to-wear and made-to-measure outfits, respectively. Appointments can be made online or by phone.

Fashion Label

Vera Wang (Paris Flagship)

Vera Wang is a New York-based fashion designer who has been in the industry for over 30 years. Known for her unique blend of sensuality and youthful sophistication, her collections include bridal wear, ready-to-wear, footwear, eyewear, fragrance, jewelry, and home décor. Wang’s design language features relaxed shapes, exquisite details, and unexpected flourishes. Her style encourages individuality and creativity in personal fashion. Vera Wang can be found at the Pronovias Paris flagship store at 9, Place des Victoires, Paris, France.

Fashion Label

Pronovias (Paris Flagship)

Pronovias, based in Barcelona, is a global leader in bridalwear, dressing brides in over 105 countries for over 50 years. The collection features a wide range of styles and silhouettes designed with careful attention to craftsmanship and construction. Pronovias is known for its haute couture designs, with each dress taking up to 120 hours to finish. The brand’s ability to customize its dresses allows for a unique and personalized bridal experience. With a presence in 105 countries, Pronovias has become the world’s most recognized luxury wedding dress brand, worn by some of the world’s biggest celebrities. The Paris flagship is located at 9 Place des Victoires, Paris, France.

Fashion Label

Donatelle Godart

Donatelle Godart, founded in 2015, embodies romanticism and flippancy. Graduated from Studio Berçot in Paris, Donatelle captures trends from her intuition and inspirations. Each collection is a subtle blend of various inspirations, playing on the fluidity of materials and transparency of lace. Tailor-made in Paris, each dress is an ode to femininity, highlighting the beauty of the body. Donatelle Godart has since become a renowned fashion house for its originality, quality, and seriousness. It’s worth noting that Donatelle Godart *can* accept overseas orders by taking measurements over Zoom or FaceTime.

Fashion Label

Les Filles Fidèles

Les Filles Fidèles boutique offers wedding dresses that add a touch of magic and lightness to your big day. Inspired by nature, their trendy and timeless cuts range from boho-chic to modern and classic, designed and produced ethically in Europe. Their main showroom is in Bordeaux with occasional pop-ups in Paris. They carry both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure dresses.

Fashion Label

Les Mariées de Provence

Les Mariées de Provence has been creating handmade wedding dresses in their couture house in Provence for over 20 years. Their dresses are made with noble materials, are light and comfortable, and can be customized to fit the bride’s unique style and preferences. The collection is inspired by the beauty of the region, with a focus on simplicity, nature, and freshness. The designer, Pascale B., is passionate about her profession and takes pleasure in creating a unique dress for each bride. The boutique also offers plus size wedding dresses that can be tried on in their boutiques.

Fashion Label

Atelier Swan

7 years of creating bespoke wedding dresses inspired by dance. Mariana and Sophie, both artisans of art, acquired their skills in great Parisian ateliers. From sketch to realization, each dress is a unique creation, carefully crafted with attention to detail and choice of materials. Visit their showrooms in Paris and Toulouse to start your bespoke journey with Atelier Swan.

Wedding Dress Rental Boutiques in France

I really thought about the possibility of renting a wedding dress in France, but when I looked at my options, I was a bit concerned about dress availability and leaving it to the last minute. Many of the rental boutiques told me to contact them closer to my wedding date, and I was worried about how dresses would actually look on my body versus in photos, then being stuck with whatever rental dress I chose. In the end, I decided not to rent a dress in France, but these are the places that I looked into.

Rental Boutique

Top Bridal Paris

Top Bridal Paris carries a range of mid-price, premium, and couture wedding dresses for rent in Paris. You can message them on WhatsApp to get their full selection of dresses and book a fitting. There’s a 50-100 euro fitting fee that is deducted from the final invoice. Keep in mind that their size range for most dresses are quite limited and you’re subject to availability. Some of their dresses go up to a size EU 46, and they usually hover around 700-800 euros to rent.

Rental Boutique

DreamDress Paris

DreamDress Paris offers a beautiful selection of sophisticated and traditional wedding dresses available for purchase or rental. They also have a collection of evening, cocktail, gala, and prom dresses for guests and bridesmaids. With personalized advice, quality fabrics, and designer dresses, you’ll find the dress of your dreams at their Bezons showroom.

Rental Boutique

Lokka Mariage

For 14 years, Lokka Mariage has provided wedding dress rental service, sale, and tailoring services in Paris. They have a wide range of dresses at reasonable prices, including clearance options. With over 2,000 happy brides and a wide selection of styles, sizes, and expert service, Lokka Wedding is a trusted choice for your special day.

Rental Boutique

Graine de Coton

Graine de Coton is a Parisian store specializing in rental and consignment sale of new and pre-owned wedding dresses and accessories since 2009. They also provide alteration and customization services. The store prides itself on offering budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and European-made options for the modern bride. The team comprises founder Alex and wedding dress consultant Valérie. The store is located at 18 rue de l’abbé Groult, open from Monday to Saturday by appointment only, and easily accessible by metro and bus.

Online Wedding Dress Boutiques

So, I went hunting for wedding dress boutiques online that ship directly to South Korea and can either: (a) take my measurements virtually or (b) carry ready-to-wear dresses.

I ended up purchasing a Rixo two-piece outfit for the civil courthouse wedding which I plan on possibly pairing with white pumps and this Bottega Veneta Medium Turn Pouch in white.

Wedding Dress Labels that Ship Internationally

Fashion Label


KHAITE reimagines American sportswear with a signature sensuality and ease. Co-founded in 2016 by Catherine Holstein and Adam Pritzker, each piece proposes a balance of opposing elements while embodying exceptional materials and striking details.

Fashion Label

Bronx and Banco

Bronx and Banco is an Australian fashion label known for its cutting edge style, vibrant hues, and slick tailoring. The brand is favored by celebrities and can be seen in top fashion publications and red carpets around the world. Founder and creative director Natalie De-Banco’s collections are inspired by global travel and reflect a worldly woman who is strong, confident, and trendsetting.

Fashion Label

Anne Barge

Anne Barge is a luxury bridal brand that offers timeless silhouettes, premier fabrics, and refined details for the modern bride with classic taste. With extended sizing and customization options, Anne Barge is a rare pairing of luxury couture and inclusive wearability. The brand also offers Blue Willow Bride, Curve Couture, and Anne Barge Black Label. Anne Barge has created custom designs for celebrity brides and has been featured in top publications. Shawne Jacobs serves as the Creative Director of the brand, while Anne Barge herself founded the label in 1999.

Fashion Label


SIMKHAI, founded by Jonathan Simkhai in 2010, blends progressive construction techniques with intimate hand-detailing to create special garments and lifestyle designs. Winner of the 2015 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, the brand continues to inspire women with original silhouettes and timeless elegance.

Fashion Labels


Reformation is a sustainable fashion brand based in Los Angeles, making cute clothes from low-impact materials and focusing on people and progress every step of the way. Their mission is to bring sustainable fashion to everyone, and they achieve this by investing in sustainable practices and partnering with industry groups to ensure fair working conditions for workers throughout their supply chain.

Fashion Label


Safiyaa is a demi-couture brand celebrating femininity through bespoke, striking silhouettes in luxe fabrics. Founded by Daniela Karnuts, Safiyaa offers personalized shopping experiences through traditional craft and groundbreaking technology, with a focus on enhancing and empowering women.

Fashion Label

Jenny Yoo

Jenny Yoo Collection offers a range of elegant wedding dresses made from luxurious silks, chiffons, and delicate laces, with unexpected details and modern silhouettes. Jenny Yoo is a New York-based designer who has been innovating in the bridal and bridesmaid industry for almost two decades. The company is committed to sustainability, working with certified factories in China and India, using sustainable fabrics and donating unused fabrics and dresses to charities. The collection is available at select salons in the United States and internationally, as well as through online retailers.

Fashion Label

Sachin & Babi

Sachin & Babi is a family-run fashion brand founded by a couple who met at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Their collections feature extraordinary craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a celebration of life’s special moments. The brand owns a family-run factory in Mumbai, allowing them to control the design and production process from start to finish.

Fashion Label

Galvan London

Galvan London has been redefining evening wear since 2014, offering a range of polished wardrobe staples, from day-to-night separates to bridal outfits and resort wear. Luxury pieces at accessible prices with a commitment to empowering women. Available online and in stores in London and New York.

Fashion Label

Selfie Leslie

Selfie Leslie is a trendy online fashion shop based in California, offering a variety of feminine styles including dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, tops, and bottoms. They update their inventory frequently and prioritize quick shipping. Selfie Leslie also stands for ethical sourcing and opposes animal cruelty/testing, fair labor, and sustainable materials.

Fashion Label

Rebecca Vallance

Rebecca Vallance offers designer womenswear globally, featuring structured tailoring and unique luxurious fabrics. From ready-to-wear, swimwear to bridal and enfant, their collections are perfect for any occasion.

Fashion Label

L’ETO Bridal

L’eto Bridal is a small atelier and boutique based in the Northern Beaches, Australia, focused on creating sustainable and unique gowns made to order. They prioritize an energetic exchange of creativity, love, and imagination with their brides and reject the traditional business model of monetary-value-first and overproduction. They work with the highest quality fabrications and pay deep respect to the land in which their gowns are created upon. Their designs are grounded in sustainability, rooted in creativity and crafted with love, spirit, and soul.

Fashion Label

Solace London

Solace London, a UK women’s fashion label, was established in 2013 by Laura Taylor and Ryan Holliday-Stevens, who have an extensive background in design, production, retail, marketing and creative direction. Their pieces blur the line between statement-making and wearable, with an aesthetic that combines modern futurism and timeless minimalism. Their precision cuts, craftsmanship, and graphic designs are a signature of the brand’s sophistication.

Fashion Label


RIXO was founded in 2015 by best friends who bonded over their love of vintage fashion. Today, they continue to design unique pieces with hand-painted prints, premium materials, and vintage-inspired silhouettes. With a commitment to sustainability, RIXO releases monthly drops of limited-run pieces that are exclusive to their brand. They also offer extended sizing and bridal collections. Their London-based team includes joint CEOs Henrietta and Orlagh, who oversee all aspects of the brand, from design to partnerships and community building.

Fashion Label

Kaviar Gauche

Berlin-based fashion label Kaviar Gauche was founded in 2004 by designers Alexandra Roehler and Johanna Kühl, with a focus on modern bridal couture and luxurious occasion looks made in Germany. Known for their simple elegance, graceful design, and skillful use of contrasts, the brand has gained international recognition and counts celebrities like Heike Makatsch, Florence Welch, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley among its fans. The brand’s annual KAVIAR GAUCHE Bridal Couture collections are inspired by red-carpet looks, and their designs can be found at their three Bridal Concept Stores in Berlin, Munich, and Düsseldorf, as well as select online and offline retailers.

Fashion Label

Zoe Rowyn

Zoe Rowyn is a bridal fashion label founded by Corina Culeva in 2019. Inspired by her own wedding dress, the minimalist and sophisticated collection offers sensual simplicity with whimsical details. The brand aims to provide a modern bridal experience, with a focus on customer needs and stress-free online shopping. The label caters to chic, bold, and sophisticated brides who love fashion, want choices, and fast delivery.

Fashion Label

Orseund Iris

Orseund Iris is an emerging fashion label that owes its success to social media. The brand, based in Brooklyn, was founded by designer Lana Johnson, who used Instagram to launch her unique and instantly recognizable designs, such as silk bowler shirts, tube tank tops, and striped pantsuits. Johnson listened to audience feedback and built a following by dropping singular styles on Instagram rather than following the traditional fashion calendar. Orseund Iris has gained popularity among celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner.

Fashion Label

Markarian NYC

Markarian is a luxury womenswear label founded in 2017 by Alexandra O’Neill, who draws inspiration from celestial romanticism. Each piece is made-to-order in an effort to reduce waste, and the brand strongly supports the fine craftsmanship offered by the New York Garment Center. Markarian has become a celebrity and fashion editor favorite, with high-profile clients including Kate Hudson, Kerry Washington, and Lizzo. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden wore a custom Markarian dress and coat to the 2021 presidential inauguration, which was designed, produced, and hand-finished in New York City’s Garment Center by Alexandra and her team.

E-commerce Sites that Can Ship Wedding Dresses Internationally

If you’re looking for a last-minute dress, these are all solid options from popular fashion e-commerce retailers.

Online Store


MyTheresa carries a fairly good selection of luxury bridal dresses and accessories, including dress designers lke Costarellos, Roksanda, Rasario, Danielle Frankel, Alex Perry, and Vivienne Westwood. They ship internationally.

Online Store


Farfetch carries quite a few wedding dresses, including wedding accessories. They ship internationally. Make sure to switch your location to South Korea.

Online Store


Revolve carries a large selection of wedding guest dresses, bridal gowns, and trendy fashion accessories. They ship internationally.

Online Store


Net-a-Porter carries a small selection of luxury-priced, beautiful wedding gowns and accessories. They ship internationally.

Online Store


ASOS carries a ton of fast fashion items, including affordable wedding dresses. They ship internationally.

Online Store


Nordstrom ships internationally and has a small selection of wedding attire, including wedding guest dresses.

Online Store


Anthropologie carries fashion, home accessories, and beauty. Their BHDLN selection of wedding dresses can only be accessed on the US-site, but you can still find a small range of white dresses on their international site.

Online Store


Lulu’s is a fast fashion website based in the United States and ships internationally. Average wedding dress prices are between $90 to $140 USD.

Wedding Shoes

I already knew I didn’t want to buy my wedding shoes in Korea because of the size limitations and the lack of availability. You can read more about my general rant about finding big-sized shoes in Korea and some possible solutions at “Where to Buy Big Shoes in Korea.”

However, there’s no shortage of bridal footwear online, and many places do ship to South Korea (albeit not cheaply.) I’ve mixed both high-end luxury and affordable styles below.

I most likely will go with a classic, closed-toe pump with a mid-heel since I’m no foot model, and one of my biggest wedding fears is a photo of my gnarly feet immortalized in photos. I’m also trying to find the right balance between comfort and style, and I have to remember that sky-high stilettos look great in photos, but I’ll be on my feet all day and all night.

Closed Toe Pumps

Wedding Shoes

Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps

The Hazel heel is a classic design with a modern twist. The tall stiletto heel and low-cut vamp create an instant leg-lengthening effect. It’s versatile, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion. With a pointed toe and a padded sock for added comfort, this slip-on heel is available in fun patterns, metallic sparkles, or simple black. At 3.75 inches, it’s the sexy heel you’ve been dreaming of!

Wedding Shoes

Kate Spade Elodie Pumps

The Kate Spade Elodie pumps feature a luxurious satin exterior and a soft sheep leather and microfiber lining. With a classic pointed toe and a 3.5″ heel, these imported pumps are perfect for any occasion.

Wedding Shoes

Aquazzura Bow Tie Pump 85

The Bow Tie Pump adds a playful twist to ultimate femininity. Made in Italy with nude suede, featuring cutouts, pointed toe, & flirty bow at the back. Perfect for dressing up cocktail gowns & denim.

Wedding Shoes

LK Bennett Floret Nude 1 Leather Pointed Toe Courts

Spain-crafted, our LK Bennett Floret courts offer a sleek style. Made from butter-soft Nude nappa leather, it has a pointed toe, 85mm stiletto heel, and is perfect for any season.

Wedding Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Loveknot 75 Pump

The Stuart Weitzman LOVEKNOT 75 PUMP adds a romantic touch to a classic silhouette with an oversized LOVEKNOT accent. The 75-mm stiletto heel ensures both style and comfort. Made in Spain from a satin blend with leather insoles and outsoles.

Wedding Shoes

Jimmy Choo Averly 100

Italian-made AVERLY pumps feature latte grosgrain, slim heel, and ankle strap with side buckle fastening. The asymmetrical mesh design is decorated with two woven and hand-tied oversized bows for a dramatic finish. Heel height measures 100mm.

Wedding Shoes

Aquazzura Love Affair Pumps 85

Elevate any outfit with our Love Affair Pumps. Crafted in Italy from silky satin in fresh white, they feature a mid heel, pointy toe, and adjustable ankle strap for all-day comfort. Add a touch of playfulness to your look with the Bow Tie Pumps, designed to represent femininity at its best.

Wedding Shoes

Bella Belle Emery Double Ankle Strap Ivory Pearl Block Heels

The Double Ankle Strap Ivory Pearl Block Heels by Bella Belle are made with handcrafted silk upper, leather lining and sole, and a 3 inch block heel. The shoes feature delicate pearls on the vamp and double ankle straps for added security. They offer all-day comfort and are available in ivory.

Wedding Shoes

Christian Louboutin Follies Strass 85

The Follies Strass pump is a stunning 85mm stiletto adorned with shimmering strass and crafted from mesh, with a suede lamé-wrapped heel. It’s a modern take on a classic design, inspired by Christian’s love of transparency. Available in Light Silk.

Wedding Shoes

Parallele Paris Yumbi

Parallele Yumbi pumps are made with white nappa leather pump and designed with a pointed toe and 8cm stiletto heel. Handmade in Italy, featuring an “invisible” edge seam for comfort, leather sole with anti-slip pad. Designed in Paris.

Wedding Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Anny Closed Toe Pumps

Elevate any outfit with our ANNY 70 pumps, featuring a unique V-shaped vamp and low-cut sides for a leg-lengthening effect. With a comfortable 70-mm heel, these pumps offer effortless wearability and style that lasts all day.

Wedding Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti’s Virgin pumps feature a pointed toe, logo insole and gold-tone hardware. Made in Italy from white leather with an 85mm heel height.

Wedding Shoes

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Bride 50

Blue square crystal buckle adorns white satin almond toe pumps with a stiletto mid heel. Mr Blahnik’s bridal shoe collection features classic and new silhouettes for the bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaids.

Wedding Shoes

Sophia Webster Jasmin Crystal 115

Elevate your special day with our sophisticated Jasmine crystal pump featuring an ivory satin upper, crystal heel, and elegant mesh. Handmade in Italy with leather outsole. Heel height: 100mm.

Heeled Sandals

Wedding Shoes

Saint Laurent Opyum 110 Leather Sandals

SAINT LAURENT’s gold-tone ‘YSL’ heel adds a touch of glamour to these off-white leather sandals. With a 110mm heel height and buckle-fastening ankle strap, they’re the ultimate party shoe.

Wedding Shoes

Margaux City Sandals in Powder Satin

The Margaux City Sandal is an all-day essential, with a walkable 2.5-inch block heel, cushioned insole, and carefully placed straps in an “X” placement. Handmade in Spain, the shoes feature a satin upper and leather lining, with Italian leather that molds to your foot with wear. They come in Powder Satin, and are a popular bridal option. The style runs narrow, so a wider width is recommended.

Wedding Shoes

Badgley Mischka Galia Crystal Ankle Strap Evening Sandals

Sparkling strappy sandal with crystal embellishments on the toe and ankle strap. Heel height is 4 inches (95mm). Available in satin or leather textile upper & lining. Ankle strap has buckle closure. Leather sole. Imported.

Wedding Shoes

MACH & MACH Triple Heart crystal-embellished PVC and metallic leather pumps

Luxurious pumps featuring a mix of leather and transparent PVC with a wraparound ankle strap and triple heart detail at the vamp. Made in Italy, they have a point toe, stiletto heel, and leather sole.

Wedding Shoes

AQUAZZURA Ari 85 metallic leather sandals

Aquazzura’s ‘Ari’ sandals feature a comfortable stacked block heel and ribbed gold leather. Slim laces wrap around the ankle for a customized fit. Made in Italy, they pair well with cropped denim or midi dresses. Heel height: 85mm/3.5 inches.

Wedding Shoes

Loeffler Randall Camellia Pleated Bow Heels

Elegant ivory pleated sandal with signature knotted bow, padded footbed and adjustable buckle ankle strap. Made from 100% polyester and vegan-friendly materials with a 3.5 inch heel and faux leather outsole.

Wedding Shoes

Jimmy Choo Sacora 100 faux pearl-embellished satin sandals

Jimmy Choo’s ‘Sacora’ sandals are a dreamy choice for brides, made in Italy from lustrous white satin and adorned with glossy faux pearls. With a 100mm heel, they look great with classic or modern bridal wear. Leather linings and soles ensure quality.


Wedding Shoes

Dior J’adior Slingback Heels

Christian Dior’s J’Adior slingback pumps showcase Italian craftsmanship in nude technical fabric. They feature a two-tone cotton ribbon with the J’ADIOR embroidery and a bow. The 10 cm comma heel and leather sole add to its feminine and elegant design, perfect for an evening look.

Low Heel Pumps and Flats

Wedding Shoes

Manolo Blahnik Listana

Ivory lace pumps with rounded toe, adjustable ankle strap, grosgrain trim and low block heel. Inspired by Segovia Castle’s geometric interiors, made in Italy with 100% fabric upper and 30mm heel.

Wedding Undergarments

I had a Bridget Jones moment where I was debating whether to wear cute, sexy underwear on the big day or wear grandma-esque shapewear to smooth out my bits.

Gif via GIPHY

I chose shapewear. We only have one day for wedding day photos, and my curves need to be immortalized in all the right places. To achieve this, I’m wearing a silicone bra, a barely-there thong, and control-top stockings.

For the night of the wedding, you can easily switch to something more slinky before your spouse even realizes it.

If you’re looking for local options in South Korea, you can take a peek at “Where to Buy Underwear in South Korea.” You can also find nipple covers — limited to one color — at most Olive Young stores in South Korea.

Wedding Garter

Hanky Panky Rosalyn Leg Garter

Add a touch of tradition and something blue to your wedding day with this ivory lace garter. Delicately crafted with ruffled lace and topped with a baby blue satin bow. Thong sold separately. Made from a comfortable blend of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex, exclusive of trim. Keep as a sentimental keepsake or toss.

Seamless Underwear

Skims Fits Everybody Micro Thong

This ultra-light micro thong is perfect for a playful look with a soft, skin-like feel. Features a T-back for no visible panty lines and a 100% cotton gusset.

Seamless Underwear

Cosabella Free Cut Micro Highwaist Thong

Free Cut Micro is a seamless, Italian-made collection that’s perfect for everyday wear due to its comfortable fabric and mix-and-match styles. The high-rise thong has no visible panty lines and a cotton-lined gusset. Plus, it’s lightweight and sustainable. Delicate cycle wash.


Skims Seamless Sculpt High Waisted Thong

This stretchy, shapewear high-waisted thong provides a flat tummy and cinched waist with no panty lines. Features an interior silicone underband, wide gusset, and thong back. Fits true to size.

Adhesive Bra

Nippies Nipple Cover Pasties

Nippies Skin are the ultimate solution for seamless nipple coverage. Made of matte, ultra-thin Invisifeel silicone, they are comfortable, washable, and reusable. With 5 shades and 2 sizes to choose from, they’re perfect for any occasion. Plus, they come with a travel case for on-the-go convenience.

Adhesive Bra


NuBra is an innovative, patented, adhesive, no-show bra that provides support and comfort while eliminating the discomfort associated with traditional bras. With no straps or back fastenings, the NuBra offers freedom and versatility in style choices. Designed with a simple philosophy of comfort and functionality, the NuBra is perfect for any occasion, from formal events to everyday wear.

Control Hosiery

Wolford Luxe 9 Tights in Honey

The Wolford Luxe 9 Tights are ultra-sheer, airy light tights with an almost invisible look and soft, silky feel. They do not contain elastane but achieve stretchiness through the use of a special yarn, with elastane only used in the knitted waistband. The tights have a sewn-in, opaque panty section, a knitted waistband with the Wolford logo, a cotton gusset, and unreinforced toes.


Are you dying to know what I chose for my wedding? You can see my latest wedding updates at Adventures in Wedding Planning: June 2023 Update.

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