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After securing a wedding venue in France, a wedding date, and a guest list, one of the first things that we needed to do was to make our wedding invitations. As an expat couple living in South Korea, we looked at wedding invitations available both in France and South Korea.

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Wedding Invitations

We looked at local wedding stationery stores in South Korea and France. Another option not mentioned below is Etsy where there are plenty of stationery templates and vendors that sell internationally.

Timing Wedding Invitations for a Destination Wedding

As an expat couple with friends and family abroad, we sent out our wedding invitations as soon as we could and skipped the save-the-dates. We followed up with texts and calls to all our friends and family to let them know that we would be getting married in September in France, so they could block it out on their calendars. I rushed to let people know as soon as possible about our wedding date and venue since it would mean traveling internationally for everyone on my side.

For a wedding that didn’t involve so much international travel, we would have been okay with sending them out a few months ahead of time, but it wasn’t just 1-2 days that people had to take time off from work. It would be more like a minimum of 5 days to account for the travel time.

Since we sent out the invitations to multiple countries via snail mail, I was also concerned with how long it would take for the wedding invitations to arrive at my friends’ doorsteps. It took about 1-1.5 months for the invitations to arrive to all my friends in the United States from France.

Setting Expectations on Guest Count

I set really low expectations on who would be able to make it, and I made peace with it. Fortunately, a lot of people surprised us and said they would be more than happy to book a flight to Paris! For others, it was more than they could afford or the circumstances weren’t right, and I completely understood. As an expat couple, we knew well that not everyone can take time out of their lives to book a long-haul flight, and it didn’t diminish our love for friends and family.

Wedding Invitations in Korea

DOYOUPRESS was a strong contender for me, with a physical showroom in Jung-gu, Seoul. The quality of their work and their vibrant designs made them stand out among other wedding stationery stores in Korea. I also contacted them via email, and they were comfortable replying in English.

I’ve also bookmarked Red Printing for wedding favors since you’re able to create your own designs for things like passport cases — perfect for a destination wedding — and disposable camera covers. I tested them out with postcards, and I loved how easy it was. Mind you, you would probably need to be comfortable with Adobe Illustrator in order to make the most of it.

I had considered DIY’ing wedding invitations in South Korea and having them printed, but I ultimately decided that having them done for us was the best option. Though I am more than comfortable designing my own, I didn’t want to burden myself with the additional work on top of my office workload. Still, there are many templates available on Etsy if you want something cost-effective.

Wedding Stationery

Dear Deer

Dear Deer is part of the Barunson Card group. They offer a series of whimsical, fresh wedding invitations and wedding video services.

Custom Printing

Red Printing

Red Printing is a printing service in Korea where you can upload your own designs via a template that they provide. They offer a wide variety of goods and paper products to print on, including cell phone grips, wrist bands, hard cover books, tote bags, and even t-shirts. For paper goods, they also offer embossing, foil, and cut-out add-ons. The website is both in English and Korean.

Custom Printing


Sungwonadpia is one of the largest Web to Print (W2P) companies in Korea where you can upload your own designs online and have them delivered to your door. Among other things, you can make custom invitation cards, envelopes, business cards, flyers, packages, and posters.

Letterpress Studio


DOYOUPRESS is a Seoul-based letterpress studio that specializes in one of the oldest printing methods. Founded by a designer who noticed the lack of printing studios that understand a designer’s sensibility, DOYOUPRESS uses rare machines and professional skills to bring analog charm to their designs. With over 40 years of expertise, DOYOUPRESS understands the vibe of designers and artists, creating unique and professional prints that capture the charm of letterpress.

Wedding Stationery


YeRang is a luxurious stationery store that specializes in handmade cards for weddings and other special occasions. Their customized designs are crafted with care, and their professional designers provide advice directly. The cards are highly sought-after by brides, grooms, and even celebrities for their specialness and refinement. In addition to wedding invitations, YeRang also produces other stationery items such as menus, name cards, and corporate event invitations, which can be found at top hotels throughout Seoul.

Wedding Stationery

Premier Paper

Premier Paper is a luxury stationery brand based in Korea that carries premium wedding invitations with a clean, classic look.

Letterpress Studio

Waltz Design

Waltz Design studio, located in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, has been involved in design and printing since 1999. Over the years, they have gained a wealth of experience and expertise in printing methods and digital printing processes. They incorporate traditional printing techniques with modern technology to produce new and unique designs.

Wedding Invitations in France

Design Studio

Septembre Papeterie

Septembre Papeterie creates artisanal wedding and birth announcements with personalized illustrations that capture the essence of your special moments. The artistic director, Claire Baldairon, carefully oversees every step of the process from drawing to printing, ensuring that every creation reflects your unique personality. In addition to announcement cards, Septembre also offers a range of illustrated stationery products to spark your imagination.

Design Studio

Allons-y Alonso

Allons-y Alonso is a graphic design studio that creates memorable and timeless designs. Audrey’s philosophy is to create rather than produce, celebrating love in all its forms while respecting and preserving nature. She aims for elegant simplicity in her designs, playing with contrasts and pushing boundaries to delight her clients.

Stationery Store

Cotton Bird

Cotton Bird is a French stationery company committed to sustainability, using FSC certified and recycled papers, compostable inks, and 100% recyclable packaging. Their local production creates jobs and they donate 1% of turnover to environmental causes. They offer personalized invitations for special occasions.

Stationery Store


Popcarte is a stationery company offering various paper types for their customizable products, such as satin, laminated satin, creation, and iridescent pearl paper. They also offer mini photo albums, stickers, and calendars. Popcarte has undergone a recent makeover, including a new logo and identity. Popcarte values fast delivery, free customization, and eco-friendly manufacturing. They offer various products for different occasions, including birth, marriage, death, and virtual events.

Stationery Store

Papier and Co.

Papier and Co. is a French online stationery atelier that offers original and authentic stationery products. They specialize in modern and fun designs for weddings, births, and everyday stationery needs. All products are designed in Hossegor and made in Europe.

Calligraphy Studio

Fanny Calligraphie

Fanny Calligraphie is a French calligraphy studio specializing in personalized graphic designs. The studio creates handmade calligraphy and illustrations that are scanned, reworked, laid out, and colored before being printed. Fanny Calligraphie works with clients worldwide to create unique wedding invitations, company branding, and other creative projects. The studio also collaborates with local printers who prioritize environmental sustainability. Fanny Calligraphie believes in understanding the client’s story to create a design that reflects their personality. The studio has been operating since 2014 and is passionate about meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and telling the stories of their clients.

Letterpress Studio

Cocorico Letterpress

Cocorico Letterpress Studio is a traditional letterpress workshop in Haute-Savoie specializing in printing small to medium print runs of various items, including announcements, invitations (wedding, birth, baptism, bar mitzvah), business and correspondence cards, and stationery. They embrace the oldest printing process and use embossed printing forms to create unique, high-quality products. Unlike modern commercial printing, they use movable type made of wood or lead, preserving the craft of letterpress.


I looked at a few local options for wedding invitations in Korea, but I ultimately decided to go with a letterpress studio in France, Cocorico Letterpress Studio. My future mother-in-law received the invitations in France, wrapped them in a ribbon, inserted them into envelopes, and sent them individually to wedding guests in multiple countries.

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