Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start this blog?

Before moving to South Korea, I spent a lot of time researching South Korea, the expat lifestyle and community in Seoul, and how to comfortably fit in. I started this lifestyle blog with the intention to fill any gaps in knowledge and give back to the community as a hopefully invaluable, updated resource. Also, most of the expat blogs in South Korea you come across are written by short-term visitors (tourists) or 20-something English teachers which I am neither! I think it is important to show a variety of perspectives while getting acquainted with Korea.

Where are you from?

What is it like living in Seoul, Korea?

Why did you move to Korea?

I moved to Korea because my company relocated me to South Korea. Growing up with a Korean mother, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone and my little Western bubble, get to know my mother’s hometown of Seoul, spend a little time with my Korean relatives, and use Korea as a jump-off point to explore the rest of Asia.

Where do you work?

I used to work at a small e-commerce company based in Seoul. During the pandemic, I met the love of my life in Korea, and I’m now navigating life as an expat wife and stepmother.

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