Hi, I’m Momo. I like making things.

Momo the Rose


Aging millennial, experienced window shopper, and creative dabbler

currently located in seoul

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?

As a child of a Korean mother and American father, I spent my formative years in the motley suburbs of northern New Jersey. Within a community of Eastern European, Italian, and Jewish immigrants, I learned how to curse in Russian, eat matzo ball soup at the local Greek diners, and play Durak among the finest kids in school.

Across the George Washington Bridge, New York City was always looming, but I decided to take a turn northward for college to snowy Boston … And ended up staying (on and off) for nearly a decade. I hated the city at first but grew to love it as my second home.

Managing to survive those years without developing a Bahston accent, I decided to schlep to the Motherland and become an expat living in the Land of Morning Calm.

What is it like living in Seoul, Korea?

Seoul is a city cocooned in permanent smog, where ambitious skyscrapers juxtapose thousand-year-old temples. Though you may think Korea was calm, living in this city feels anything but! 빨리 빨리! Hurry, hurry! Most of my days are spent lost in the hustle and bustle of Gangnam in sensory overload — gliding past tourists, waify models, and polished businessmen under a neon sky.

Where do you work?

I work at a small e-commerce company based in Seoul where you’ll find me hunched over a computer desk.