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The real title of this article should be anyone bigger than a US size zero should take a peek at these shops because it is a real struggle to find clothing or shoes here in Korea that fits horizontally or vertically. Why? The dreaded free-size clothing, or one-size-fits-all, does not fit all, and unfortunately, free-size is the standard at almost every single clothing store in Korea. But never fear! Hope is here. Keep scrolling for the handy guide that I’ve compiled to help you navigate shopping for plus-sized clothing in Korea!

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Full disclosure: I wouldn’t be considered plus-sized in the USA in my current shape (though I’ve oscillated in the last decade from a US size 16 — yes, you read that right — to a US size 6). I’d like to think I am blessed with the height to always reach the top shelf in grocery store aisles at 5’10ft (176cm) and big feet that plant firmly on the ground (US 10 in shoes or 265 Korean Size). My Korean mother who is half the size of me likes to proudly exclaim, “I gave her a lot of milk!”

Nevertheless, when I first arrived in Korea, hopeful and excited to shop, I was floored by how poorly the clothes fit me. I felt like a giant among lilliputians. So, I did what I often do best: research! Not all Korean women are tiny and slender, so where do they shop? Well, check my shopping list below for the fruits of my store-hunting labor!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered plus-sized in Korea?

Beauty standards in Korea can feel unforgiving at times for both foreigners and locals and broadly speaking, anyone above a US size 6 can be considered plus-sized in Korea. According to Wikipedia, the average Korean woman’s weight is 56.5 kg (124.6 lb) and 161 cm (5 ft 3 12 in). If you don’t fit into that mold, here’s a friendly internet reminder that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes! And if you think that all Korean women are slim, that’s certainly not true.

What is free-size clothing?

Free size clothing is everywhere in Korea. It’s basically one-size-fits-all clothing made for the average Korean body type. Generally, that size is small or petite. Like most of Asia, fashion sizes conform to the general population which tends to be slim and petite.

The boutiques here often stock ‘free size’ clothing only or won’t stock larger sizes. The international stores also often carry ‘Asian Fit’ (petite sizing) in addition to or in lieu of their standard Western sizing, so it’s best to try on the style if you’re allowed to (not all boutiques have dressing rooms).

Take notice of length, as international stores like Nike often only stock 7/8 length leggings. For reference, I’m a US size 8 with wide hips (176 cm or 5’10 ft tall) and fit an XL legging at the Nike store in Korea whereas I would normally be a medium back home in the US.

If you’re built bigger than the average Korean woman — like me — you’ll find a lot of free-size clothing to be way too short, narrow-shouldered, and tight. If the Korean store carries more than one size, they usually don’t go above a US 4-6. Anything above that is (shockingly) considered plus-sized.

Understandably, they cater to the Korean market, and the expat community in Korea is rather small, being one of the most homogenous countries in the world.

Fortunately, baggy clothes tend to be in style, so you may luck out.

Do Korean clothes run small?

Usually, yes. If you’re converting your size from American (US) sizes to Korean sizes, you’ll probably want to take special attention to the brand’s measurements. From my experience, if you’re broad-shouldered, tall, or big-busted, you may face some challenges with the fit.

Plus-Sized Sizing Charts in South Korea

Below are a few examples of sizing charts from plus-size-friendly stores in South Korea. You can get an idea of your fit by taking measurements at home (and converting to cm, if possible!) as sizing can vary from store to store and even item to item. Always check the particular ITEM’S measurements. H&M Korea switched over to petite sizing for those shorter ladies out there but will carry some tall sizing, labeled with a “T”.

Plus-sized Stores in South Korea

I would say that the most popular plus-sized stores in South Korea for ex-pats living in South Korea are Romi Story and H&M due to the availability of clothes offline & online and their extended size range.

Older blogs may direct you to shop at staples like Forever 21 in Seoul. Unfortunately, their retail stores closed in South Korea in 2019 after filing for bankruptcy in the United States. You can still shop Forever 21 online, however.

Plus-sized Underwear in Seoul, South Korea

Bra Shop Lora

Bra shop Lora, Korean lingerie store
Shop for Korean lingerie at lora.co.kr

Bra Shop Lora carries international brands like Pretty Polly, Ellen Tracy, and Le Mystère and larger bra sizes up to a J-cup. There are two physical locations in Seoul: one in Hongdae (near Hongik University Station) and one in Nonhyeon (near Hakdong Station.)

Cole commented below that, “Just so people know bra shop Lora goes up to a Korean size J cup. If you go to the website their 100J is comparable to a 44G. Granted it is a better option, but anyone over a G might have an easier time on [Aliexpress].

Bra Shop Lora Hongdae Address: 4F, Garden Building, 87 World Cupbuk-ro 4-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울시 마포구 월드컵북로 4길 87 정원빌딩 4층)

Bra Shop Lora Nonhyeon Address: 2nd floor, 25 Hakdong-ro 34-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울시 강남구 학동로 34길 25 2층)

Korean Brands in South Korea that Offer Plus-Sized Clothing

If you want to shop in-store to see and try on clothes, I highly recommend heading to the Lotte Young Plaza (Naver Map) in Myeongdong, Seoul. There are three plus-sized Korean brands on the third floor — Romi Story, 09Women, and Hot Ping.

Tip: Use Papago or Google Translate to help navigate Korean websites.


Brandi Fashion Platform in Korea

Brandi is an up-and-coming Korean e-commerce fashion platform. If you look through their categories, they have a ‘Big Size’ category on their site which lists multiple sellers with extended-size clothing.


Korean Shopping Mall, 29CM
Korean Shopping Mall, 29CM.co.kr

29CM is a Korean fashion mall that carries some extended sizes including imported footwear. Most of the women’s brands are free-size or small/medium. Check individual brand sizing charts for the best fit. And don’t rule out unisex or men’s styles for larger sizes!


Korean Plus-Sized Store, Gabig.kr

Gabig offers plus-sized women’s fashion in Korea up to a KR 4XL. Many of the clothes are quite stretchy and baggy even if they are free-size.

Mariang Plus

Korean plus-sized store, Mariangplus.co.kr
Korean plus-sized store, Mariangplus.co.kr

Women’s plus-sized store in Korea that carries styles up to Korean women’s 5XL (KR 130).


8 Seconds carries Asian sizing which runs very small

Affordable, fast-fashion chain all over Korea that carries sizes up to an extra-large (probably equivalent to a US medium or US 8-10). Quality is on the lower end (as are prices).


Shop for plus-sized menswear in Korea at okkane.co.kr

Mostly men’s big-size clothing, but carries some unisex items.


A small plus-sized women’s section from 4xr Korea.

Mostly men’s clothing, but carries some unisex styles.

Romi Story

Romi Story carries plus-sized Korean fashion.

Feminine women’s clothing store with LOTS of physical locations in Korea. They also carry a plus-sized line up to a KR size 110 and often show their clothing on Korean plus-sized models with measurements attached. It would take forever to list all the stores, so you can see the full list on their website here.



09Women (공구우먼) is a women’s clothing store that carries plus-sized and free-size styles in Seoul, South Korea. Bonus: there are physical (offline) locations where you can try on clothes in-person.

09Women Hapjeong Address: 101, 1st floor, Seogyo Jeil Building, 64 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울 마포구 양화로 64 서교제일빌딩 1층 101호)

09Women Myeongdong Address: Lotte Young Plaza 3rd floor, 67 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울 중구 남대문로 67 롯데 영플라자 3층)



Hotping (핫핑) is a women’s clothing store in South Korea with an offline and online selection of plus-sized clothing up to a size XL.

Hotping Myeongdong Address: Lotte Department Store Myeongdong Main Branch, Young Plaza 3rd floor, 67 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울 중구 남대문로 67 롯데백화점 명동본점 영플라자 3층)

Lady Plus


Lady Plus (레이디플러스) is a women’s plus-sized Korean fashion chain with offline locations. They also carry some bigger-sized shoes! Probably one of the more popular big-sized clothing chains.

Lady Plus Uijeongbu Address: 20, Sandan-ro 132beon-gil, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기 의정부시 산단로132번길 20)

Lady Plus Ilsan Address: 260 Gobong-ro, Ilsan-dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기 고양시 일산동 고봉로 260)



Plus-sized women’s fashion in trendy, Korean styles. I appreciate that their marketing on their YouTube channel features real, plus-sized ladies.

Love Me


Loveme carries plus-sized and tall (165cm+) trendy Korean fashion. There are typically two sizes: 1 (up to KR 88) and 2( up to KR 100). Everything is pretty loosely fitted or made with stretchy material so there’s a bit more room for error. You’ll find the measurements and the fit comparison with matching models at the bottom of each product page to get an idea.



Women’s Korean big-size clothing all over Korea. Locations can be found here. Offline retail only, no online shop.



Women’s clothing store that offers big size clothing!



Women’s clothing store that carries sizes up to 77 (Korean XL or US Medium).



Carries women’s clothing sizes up to 110.


Shopping for plus-sized clothing in Seoul, Korea
Shopping for plus-sized clothing in Korea at ely-sia.net

Plus-sized women’s clothing store in Korea.

Athlete Korea

Plus-Sized Athletic Wear in South Korea

Athlete Korea offers a separate line of plus-sized athletic clothes up to a KR 4XL for women in South Korea.

Korean Brands for Tall Women

Being 5 foot 10 inches (around 177cm) and a little less curvy these days, it can be hard to find clothes in South Korea that don’t look like they shrunk in the washer on me. Maybe I could have pulled off a crop top in middle school, but those days are long gone.

Even if I can squeeze into Korean standard sizes, the fit is still just so off due to having broad shoulders, a long torso, and long legs. I know, I know. My complaints are falling on deaf ears. But it is truly a pain in the butt to shop at stores here in Korea! Besides shopping at international stores that carry Western sizing, there are a few Korean brands that cater to taller women (below).



Mula Wear is an athletic wear store in South Korea that carries sizes up to a US 10. There are many offline locations including one at the Starfield Coex Mall in Seoul, South Korea. I’ve tried a few pieces from this store and they mostly work, but I still find that the tops tend to run small and are a little short on me. The leggings are fine, but I still prefer buying from Western brands like Lululemon which are more true-to-size for me. Otherwise, still a great alternative and worth checking out.


Shopping for women’s fashion in Korea at angtoo.com

Korean women’s fashion store with a tall-sized section.



Clothing store for tall women in Korea.


Tall Women’s Shopping Mall

Bellamin is an online clothing shop for tall women in South Korea, and it is probably better suited for slim, tall women. Many of the models are over 170cm, however, the sizes are restricted to mostly free size, or one-size-fits-all.

I Am 176


Clothing store for tall women in Korea.


Tall Women’s Shopping Mall in Korea

Sara172 is a tall women’s shopping mall in Korea that is better suited for slimmer, tall ladies as a lot of the clothing is (the dreaded) one-size-fits-all. A lot of their pieces look like they have a lot of stretch, however, so the fit is probably forgiving. There are a lot of reasonably priced basics, including jeans.


Tall Women Shopping Mall in Korea with some “plus-sized” items

Rums! is a Korean online shop that sells women’s clothing. There’s a small section of “plus-sized”, tall clothing up to a KR 2XL. I got sucked down the rabbit hole of looking for stretchy skirts to match with one of my hot pink, Jacquemus-dupe blazers, and there are plenty of stretchy skirts here. You can also message them on KakaoTalk if you have any questions about sizing.


Korean Fashion Brand

I added Dint to the list of tall-sized clothing in Korea due to some glowing reviews on Naver blogs from fellow tall ladies in Korea, however, I haven’t had the chance to order from them yet. They’re supposedly better suited for slim, tall women, and their “big size” collection is still limited to 1-2 sizes. It’s very, very Korean fashion or ultra-feminine with conservative necklines.

International Clothing Stores in South Korea that Offer Plus-Sized Clothing

The following list is comprised of international clothing chains with physical retail locations in South Korea where you can shop in-store. Larger sizes do tend to sell out quickly or are not always in stock within the store, so keep that in mind when shopping for plus-sized clothes in Seoul.


Zara Korea typically goes up to an EU 44.

Stocks all sizes albeit more expensive than what you may be used to back home. In terms of sizing, I’m still a size medium in Zara clothing. Bigger shoe sizes (like European 41 or US size 10) may not be available in-store, but can be found online. Also, you can purchase online and return in-store if the fit or quality is off. There are a few physical locations scattered around Seoul like on Gangnam-daero, Garosu-gil, or Myeongdong.


You can find true plus-sized clothing at H&M Korea with their dedicated plus-sized section.

Also offers sportswear, seasonal swimwear, and lingerie! You can find larger-sized stockings here as well. Available both online and offline with multiple locations around Seoul, carrying shoes and clothing up to a size 42-44 in-store. H&M Korea also carries its own plus-sized line. Some items are clearly labeled as Asian fit (petite), and unfortunately for me, H&M Korea is switching its basics to default to petite fit (see sizing chart here). The H&M Sinsa location is 21 Apgujeong-ro 12-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

American Eagle

American Eagle Korea has a much more limited size selection than their US counterpart.

Locations all over Seoul. The closest American Eagle to me is at the Coex Mall (513, Yeongdong-daero Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06164). You can get a better range of sizes by ordering on the international American Eagle website and have them ship your order from overseas.


Nike Korea carries up to an XL, but it is Asian sizing (runs small)

I bought gym leggings here the other day at their location on Gangnam-Daero, but be warned: the fit is small. I am normally a medium in Nike clothes, but had to buy an XL despite losing a little weight in Korea. Most of the leggings at the store were also on the shorter side, and I had to search high and low for full-length leggings that weren’t capris on me.


Lululemon typically goes up to a US size 10.

Carries up to a US size 10 typically. 7/8 length leggings are great for shorter girls, but not so great for taller girls like me.


COS Korea typically goes up to a size 42.

Minimalist styles and leather goods. I did see COS stock size large in-store which is comforting. They also have size EU 41 (US 10) shoes on their Korean website.


Uniqlo Korea has a wide variety of sizes including XXL, but be leery of Asian sizing (runs small)

Heattech is a godsend during the cold, Korean winter. Sizing is limited in stores, but you may have luck ordering online.



Spanish fast-fashion chain, Mango, offers Western-sized clothing in Seoul up to a size XXL (US 12) and shoes up to a EU 42 (US 10.5).

Mango Sinsa Address: 126 Apgujeong-ro, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Websites that Offer Plus-Sized Clothing that Deliver to Korea

Fortunately, when buying from overseas brands based in Europe or the US, I know what I’m getting into size-wise, so I don’t have to examine the sizing charts as carefully. However, returning clothing can be a real hindrance, shipping times can take forever, and additional shipping charges can also be quite high.

Tip: Make sure your cart order doesn’t exceed $150 USD (including shipping) or you’ll have to pay customs/VAT upon arrival to Korea. Some stores calculate duty/customs fees at checkout but some do not.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard

Universal Standard is all about their inclusive size range — carrying sizes US 00 to US 40. You can find some key basics here. You can calculate shipping costs, duties, and taxes when shipping to Korea at checkout and pre-pay ahead of time, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.



Boohoo is a fast-fashion brand based in the UK that ships to South Korea. They have a wide variety of plus-sized fashion with sizes up to a UK 28 (US 24).


international shipping available at borderfree.com

Includes retailers that are part of BorderFree shopping, shipping worldwide.


Korean language version of Everlane.com

Western sizing. Ships to Korea with duties included in price.


Change the location to South Korea and you’ll see prices in KRW on Nordstrom.com

Western sizing. Ships to Korea with duties calculated at checkout.


ASOS.com ships internationally

ASOS carries a wide range of brands and clothing styles in Western sizing. You’ll need to check individual brand sizing charts for the best fit as they do vary from brand to brand. If you’re looking for plus-sized clothing, ASOS also offers its own line of ASOS Curve clothing marketed towards plus-sized ladies. ASOS ships to Korea, but watch out for duties on orders over $150 USD.

The Reformation


I was a big The Reformation-hoe, and by that, I mean that I was shopping there all the time when I live in the United States. They do ship to South Korea now — duties and taxes are included in the price — but the prices seem so high compared to what I used to pay in the States due to the exchange rate, the shipping, and customs fees.

The Reformation, if you’re listening to me, please create a retail location in Seoul, so I can literally spend all of my money at your store and not have to deal with international shipping.

That aside, The Reformation carries extended sizing up to a US 24. Styles sell out fast so if you love something, buy it sooner than later.


plus-sized clothing is available on shein.com

Fast-fashion chain that ships to Korea. I’ve heard the quality is lacking but carries plus-sized clothing.


e-commerce store, aliexpress.com

Extensive selection of goods, mostly from China.


Amazon.com ships to Korea

Double-check if the item can ship to Korea as not everything is eligible. I’ve heard if you make friends with someone on the military base, you can bypass some of the customs duties. You may get the person in trouble, however. Opting for Amazon Prime in Korea may not be worth it if you don’t shop as frequently. You’ll still have to pay to ship but at a slightly lower cost. Their global store can be a godsend when you can’t find an item’s equivalent on Coupang.com or Gmarket.



Net-a-porter is an online luxury retailer that carries size-inclusive brands like Girlfriend Collective. They ship all over the world, but watch out for customs/duties when shipping to South Korea!

Revolve Clothing

Revolve Clothing at revolve.co.kr

Western sizing. Trendy women’s fashion that ships internationally. Duties/taxes not included. Be aware the sizes are standard western sizing, and not necessarily true plus-sized.


Korean version of shopbop.com

Western sizing. I’ve ordered shoes from ShopBop to Korea which took about two weeks to arrive (the usual).


Plus-sized clothing that ships internationally at torrid.com

Plus-sized fashion that ships internationally.


Japanese plus-sized fashion from PUNYUS.jp

Founded by Japanese comedienne, Watanabe Naomi!

Fashion Nova


Fashion Nova is an LA-based fast-fashion store that has an extensive plus-sized collection called Curve. They also ship to South Korea, and you can shop the Fashion Nova online store in your preferred currency.

Loud Bodies

Loud Bodies

Romania-based brand, Loud Bodies, carries sustainable, feminine styles up to a size 10X. They also ship internationally!

Dolls Kill


According to their site, Dolls Kill “is an online boutique featuring a rebellious spirit and attitude, mixed with a bit of punk rock, goth, glam and festival fashion.” They’ve got some great indie brands and they ship to South Korea, so you’re welcome.



You’ve probably seen Selkie all over Instagram — I know I have — but if you’re feeling like dressing like a princess, Selkie has fantastically beautiful dresses and they also ship internationally. The clothing size range also goes up to a US 5x.

Snag Tights


Snag Tights is based in Livingston, Scotland, and prides itself in offering tights in many sizes (from a US 4 to US 36) and colors. Luckily, they ship worldwide, including South Korea!

Popfit Clothing

Pop Fit Leggings

If you’re looking for size-inclusive leggings, Pop Fit Clothing offers a variety of colors and styles from sizes XXS (US 00) to XXXL (US 28).

Jolie Clothing

jolie clothing

Jolie Clothing is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and ships worldwide. The owner, Stefanie Tan, sought to create a fashion collection with all bodies in mind — for Asia, that is. The style of clothing is very feminine and flowy. The sizes extend to an XL, or ‘curves’, which is probably equivalent to a size US 12 according to their size chart.


British Retro Brand, Collectif

Collectif is a retro-inspired brand that ships globally and carries sizes up to a US 18 (UK 22). Taxes/duties are payable by the customer upon arrival.

Princess Polly

Princess Polly Australia

Princess Polly is a popular fast-fashion shop that carries sizes up to a US 12 (AU 16) — according to their size chart. They also offer worldwide free express shipping. This is definitely a go-to for my lady of the night — when I want to dress like a hoe — clothing because we all know that Korean clothing can be really conservative.

Where can I find big-size shoes in South Korea?

Finding bigger-sized shoes in South Korea is a real challenge. Even international stores in Seoul, Korea won’t stock shoe sizes bigger than a US shoe size 8 since they cater to meet the demands of small-footed Koreans.

Your best bet would be to buy shoes from overseas brands and have them shipped to South Korea or head to international stores like Zara or H&M. There are a few local Korean brands that stock inexpensive shoes that go up to a KR 270, however. I’ve heard good things about Babinheel, Big Girl Shoes, and Youbyyeolna. If you want to see a full list of stores that cater to shoe sizes US 8 and up, head to the link below.

READ MORE: Head to Where to Buy Big Shoes in Korea for more information about my quest to find big-sized shoes in this land of tiny feet!

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  • Just so people know bra shop Lora goes up to a Korean size J cup. If you go to the website their 100J is comparable to a 44G. Granted it is a better option, but anyone over a G might have an easier time on Alliexpress.

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