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Your girl has been doing some heavy online retail therapy lately. Maybe it’s the weather or the ennui of dealing with year two of the COVID-19 pandemic where I’d normally spend my money on travel, but I’ve been buying up some fun Instagram dresses like the Selkie Puff Dress and the Sleeper Atlanta Dress.

Normally, when my goodies ship via DHL, I’d email the DHL employee in Korea and they’d let me know where to transfer the money. However, this time, things were different.

I received instructions from the DHL agent in Korea that in order to pay the customs fees/duties owed, I could either:

  1. Pay at my domestic bank in Korea directly by bringing a printed copy of the tax report.
  2. Pay online through my domestic bank via the Giro/Utility Bill Category.
  3. Use the DHL Advance Payment Service (for an additional 16,500 KRW).
Payment Instructions from DHL Korea for Customs Taxes/Fees

Since I was at the office and didn’t feel like schlepping all the way to the bank during my lunch hour, and I didn’t want to pay that extra won, I decided that it would be best that I figured out how to pay online. But guess what? The online KEB Hana banking website does NOT have the customs tax category on its English website nor on its English app. Quelle horreur!

Paying Bills on the KEB Hana Website

So, I logged into the Korean language version of the KEB Hana Website, and I realized that it was there all along. There was a category for customs taxes/fees to pay directly through my bank under ‘Utility Bills’ and then ‘Tariffs’.

  1. Under the inquiry method, you would just click the third radio button for the electronic number payment inquiry.
  2. Type in the electronic filing number (starting with 0127 in my case).
  3. Click the green button to search.
  4. Click the checkbox for the correct tax item.
  5. Click the bottom green button to proceed with payment.
  6. Move to the next screen to verify payment (typical certificate authentication).

And that’s all folks! The customs payment is done, and now, I can wait patiently for my package to arrive.

Me channeling my inner Nicholas Cage, waiting for my packages to arrive (via GIPHY)

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