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If you’re flying to or from Incheon Airport, you’ll most likely need to get your hands on negative COVID-19 test results in English within 24-72 hours (depending on the current regulations) before boarding or exiting the plane. The following are my suggestions on where to take your COVID-19 PCR test in Seoul, South Korea. Of course, good luck and safe travels!

If there are any other places that you’d like to add or have had positive (or negative) experiences at, please leave a comment down below and share the wealth of information for future travelers!

Check Airline, State, and Country Restrictions

Don’t forget to check airline and state/country restrictions. For example, in 2021, the state of Hawaii only accepted test results from the following four hospitals in Korea in order to by-pass the state’s previous 10-day traveler quarantine: (1) Yonsei University Health System Severance Hospital (Seoul), (2) Kangbuk Samsung Hospital (Seoul), (3) Asan Medical Center (Seoul), and (4) Inha University Hospital (Incheon). If you’re flying to Hawaii, you can read more about the testing restrictions on Hawaiian Airlines and the Hawaii State website.

There is some mixed news about Korean Air and Asiana airlines potentially accepting results in Korean rather than English for boarding their airline. This article, “대한항공·아시아나 한글 ‘코로나 음성확인서’ 허용” (Korean Air and Asiana allow ‘corona negative confirmation’ in Korean), from Korea Daily on June 30th, 2021, states that “As of the 30th of last month, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, respectively, through their websites, specify that the ‘COVID19 PCR negative confirmation certificate’, which is a required document for entering the United States, can be written in Korean as well as English.”

Please double-check with your airline to see whether or not Korean test results will be valid ahead of time, but if so, the costs of testing may be cheaper than finding a place to issue an English medical certificate.

Expect to Pay for Your Test Results

PCR and antigen tests for international flights with results in English are not covered by insurance, so expect to pay between 60,000 to 400,000 KRW for test results.

Unfortunately, the free COVID-19 testing centers — like public health centers — in Seoul do not offer certificates that are required for flying (outbound from South Korea.) The free testing at local public health centers is also available only to long-term residents (with valid visas) and citizens of South Korea. If you are a long-term visa holder or citizen of South Korea, you can still get tested at a local public health center for free upon return to South Korea to satisfy the arrival requirements.

Tourists will be turned away from local public health centers. If you are a tourist or visiting Korea short-term, you will have to pay for all COVID-19 tests.

Antigen Tests Are Cheaper

Antigen tests are considerably cheaper than PCR tests. Double-check your destination country’s entry requirements to see if you can take an antigen test instead of a PCR before boarding your flight.

For example, at the Incheon Airport COVID-19 Test Center, the antigen is only 24,180 KRW.

However, if you need to test for COVID-19 in order to satisfy Korea’s arrival requirements, you’ll need to pay for a PCR test, not an antigen test.

Public Health Centers Are For Returning Locals

The local public health centers are for local residents or citizens of South Korea. If you are a long-term visa holder (local resident) of South Korea or you are a citizen of South Korea, you may go to your local public health center after returning to South Korea and take a free COVID-19 test at your local health center to satisfy the COVID-19 entry requirements.

In this case, you will have to go to the health center according to where your home address is registered in Korea legally, e.g. if you live in Seocho-gu, you must go to the Seocho-gu Public Health Center.

The hours of each public health center are listed on the Ministry of Health and Welfare website. Most if not all public health centers are open on weekends and holidays until around 1:00 pm.

Public health centers cannot be used for outbound (leaving Korea) travel.

Again, tourists and short-term visa holders will be turned away from testing at local public health centers. There are signs now at the public health centers. Only Korean nationals and foreigners with a long-term visa and valid alien registration card (ARC) will be allowed to test at their local public health center.

Where can I get a PCR test in Seoul, South Korea?

For the most accurate information, you can call 1339 locally to find the nearest COVID-19 screening center. There are many, many places to take the test, so this list is not the end-all, be-all but merely suggestions. You may also see some fluctuations in price from year to year. I have done my best to get an accurate estimate by contacting the clinics or through accounts from those who have taken the test at particular places, but sometimes, prices change.

For a more comprehensive list of hospitals and clinics near you, you can also take a look at the list provided by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Korean language only) and contact the hospitals and clinics individually for prices and appointment availability. Many have at least one person on staff that speak at least some English, but it does require some sleuthing to find their contact information beyond a phone number if you’re located overseas.

The list of clinics that offer COVID-19 testing [KOREAN LANGUAGE ONLY] provided by the Korean Government (Ministry of Health and Welfare)

Word of advice: try to avoid big hospitals like Gangnam Severance Hospital as they are the most expensive. Public health Centers are also only available to local residents (long-term) and citizens of Korea for inbound testing (after arriving back to Korea) and will not issue test results for outbound travel (flying from Korea.)

Update (10/14/2021): I have heard some chatter that it may be possible to get a PCR test at a local public health center for free and then presenting the text message with negative results to a local hospital to get an English certificate for 20-30,000 KRW as a way of saving money.

However, I DO NOT recommend this method as there are hospitals that may refuse you or the results may end up not being valid for travel. As test results need to be done within a 48-72 hour period before your flight, this could end up being a very expensive mistake. In my case, I would rather shell out the money to pay for a test that I know will fulfill the exact requirements of the airline and country that I am flying to.

Definitely, look ahead at the country’s requirements for testing. Many countries only require a negative antigen test as proof which has a short turnaround and is much less expensive than PCR tests.

Incheon Airport COVID-19 Test Center

For most people, the Incheon Airport COVID-19 Test Center is probably the easiest place to get tested and one of the most reasonably priced. The Incheon Airport COVID-19 Test Center is available by appointment and opens on weekends.

How to Book a COVID-19 Test at Incheon Airport

Book your test early, if possible, through safe2gopass.com. Walk-ins are also possible, but you may have to wait quite a bit of time depending on availability. You can call the center at 032-741-9000 to make an appointment.

Please do not wait until the last minute to book your appointment for pre-departure testing! Appointment slots are limited and are often booked at LEAST a week or so ahead. And obviously, bring your passport with you.

Location of Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center

There are four (4) testing centers at Incheon Airport. Two of them are located side-by-side at the Terminal 1 parking lot and the other two are located at the Terminal 2 parking lot.

Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Testing Centers
Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Testing Centers

Test Cost at Incheon Airport

The PCR pre-departure test at Incheon Airport costs 116,000 – 120,000 KRW for residents* of South Korea with Korean health insurance and 124,000 – 130,000 KRW for foreigners without Korean health insurance (tourists.) The price for post-arrival PCR testing is 80,000 KRW.

* Take note that if you’re a foreigner living in Korea and have Korean health insurance such as NHIS, you will be paying the same price as the locals or Korean nationals.

The cost of COVID-19 testing at Incheon Airport
UPDATED (7/29/2022): Price of the test for Korean Nationals and Korean Resident Foreigners (with NHIS)

Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center Hours

The Incheon Airport COVID-19 Test Center operating hours for pre-departure tests are between 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekends (lunch break is between 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.) In order to get the test results on the same day, you must take the test early in the day.

The post-arrival testing center at Incheon Airport is now open 24 hours! Note the differences below between pre-departure and post-arrival testing hours. Due to the changes in regulations in Korea after July 25th, 2022 in which arrival passengers will have to take a test within 24 hours upon arriving to Korea, they made it just a little easier to take the post-arrival test at Incheon Airport.

Operating hours for Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center:

  • Pre-departure testing: 07:00 – 18:00
  • Post-arrival testing: 24 hours open
COVID-19 PCR Testing Times at Incheon Airport T1 in Seoul, South Korea
Antigen Testing Times at Incheon Airport T1
Pre-arrival testing hours at Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center
Post-arrival Testing Hours for Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center (7/29/2022)

For tourists visiting Korea, I highly recommend booking a slot at Incheon Airport to get the PCR test required within 24 hours upon arrival over and done with — especially as you’re required to quarantine until you receive your test results back. I wrote a little blurb about my antigen test experience at Incheon Airport last time I flew to Italy on a morning flight from Seoul in late 2021 below.

There will be queues depending on your appointment time and staff will walk you through the procedure as you move from numbered booths. They told me that the antigen could take 1-2 hours but it was done in about 40 minutes. The results were emailed as a password-protected PDF but you can also pick up the test results from the center printed and signed. 

Traveling from South Korea to Italy (And Back) during the Pandemic in 2022

Incheon Medical Center

If you’re already in Incheon, you can take the PCR test with an English medical certificate at the Incheon Medical Facility (not the airport.) The cost of testing will be approximately 160,000 won to 200,000 won according to an old notice from 2020 on their website, however, I’ve heard more recently that the cost of the PCR test is about 80,000 won, the English certificate is 20,000 won with an additional fee of 1,000 won. Definitely call ahead to check the price when making an appointment. One Korean traveler also noted being able to take the PCR test for flying on a Sunday at Incheon Medical Center’s emergency room.

The Incheon Medical Center is located at 217, Bangchuk-ro, Dong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea. Incheon Medical Center is open on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, you can call them at 032-580-6148 (English/Vietnamese), 032-580-6149 (Chinese), 032-580-6152 (Korean/English). There are several international staff members that you can email directly at xvanvipham@icmc.or.kr, se_gil@icmc.or.kr, and asura505@icmc.or.kr.

National Medical Center

The National Medical Center is located at 245, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (Naver Map). The total cost of PCR testing with English results at the National Medical Center varies depending on whether you will be arriving on a weekday or in the afternoon. should be about 141,930 KRW total with the English certificate. The PCR test itself will cost 121,930 won and the English medical certificate will cost an additional 20,000 won. If you are going to China, expect to pay more for an additional IgM test. You can also call them at 02-2260-7114 for more information.

I’ve attached a medical notice from the National Medical Center regarding PCR testing for overseas travel below and ran it through Yandex translator. The translation is not the best, but you get the idea. Most importantly, the National Medical Center is open on weekends and holidays.

Chung-Ang University Hospital

The PCR test with English test results should cost about 157,000 won in total. This price includes the COVID-19 PCR test cost of about 117,000 won, a medical fee of about 20,000 won, and the English certificate fee of 20,000 won. The hospital is located at 102, Heukseok-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea, and there is an International Healthcare department for Russian, English, Mongolian, Chinese and Japanese translation. You can call Chung-Ang University Hospital at 02-6299-3023/3025 or email them directly at cauic@caumc.or.kr.

Seoul Sacred Heart Hospital

It’s been reported that Seoul Sacred Heart Hospital also offers English PCR test results for traveling and will cost you around 115,000 KRW in total. The COVID-19 test fee is 95,000 won, the English medical certificate costs 20,000 won, and there’s an optional doctor’s note for an additional 20,000 won if necessary. Seoul Sacred Heart Hospital is located at 259 Choui-ro, Cheongnyangri-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul. You can reach them by calling them at 02-966-1616 or by emailing them directly at sungsim1991@naver.com.

Seoul Children’s Hospital

The total cost of the PCR test with an English certificate is 103,860 KRW. The PCR test fee is approximately 92,860 won and the English confirmation certificate issuance fee is about 11,000 won. You can call the Seoul Children’s Hospital at 02-570-8000 for more information.

The Seoul Children’s Hospital address is 260 Heolleung-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (서울 서초구 헌릉로 260 서울시립어린이병원, Naver Map) You do not need a reservation prior to visiting, according to those that have recently visited. Their visiting hours for COVID-19 screening are Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

It will take approximately 24-48 hours from start to finish to receive the test results in English, and if you test in the morning, you’ll receive your English certificate in the afternoon the following day. If tested on a Friday, documents are issued on Monday. You will have to pick up the results in person and bring your passport again.

Soonchunhyang University Seoul Hospital

One of the cheaper options in Seoul, you can also take the COVID-19 PCR test at Soonchunhyang University Seoul Hospital (59 Daesagwan-ro, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul). Their phone number is 02-709-9058. The cost of the PCR test at Soonchunhyang University Seoul Hospital will be between 120,000-140,000 KRW depending on whether you hold Korean insurance. The COVID-19 test cost is 76,940 won, the medical fee is about 22,370 won, and the cost of issuing a medical certificate in English is 20,000 won. You can read more about the test certificate on their website. You must bring your passport and ARC (if you have one.)

Gangnam Severance Hospital

You can head to Gangnam Severance Hospital (211 Eonju-ro, Dogok 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) to take a PCR test with English results ready for you the next day. You won’t need to make an appointment, but you’ll need to bring your identification (ARC and passport) as well as your flight information.

Some people have said that getting their results from Gangnam Severance Hospital can cost up to around 400,000 KRW, so definitely check out smaller hospitals and clinics if possible. If you have the time, shop around.

The International Clinic at Yonsei Severance Hospital

The International Health Care Center at Yonsei Severance Hospital (50-1 Yonsei-ro, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul) also offers PCR testing for international flights with results that can usually be picked up after 5 p.m. and an English certificate ready the next day. The cost of the PCR test may cost up to 284,970 KRW depending on whether you have Korean health insurance.

The International Clinic’s reception is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and 9:30 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. You can call the International Clinic in English at 02-2228-5800.

The pre-screening clinic for a COVID-19 test is open by appointment from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 3:20 p.m. You can make an appointment directly on their Korean website, Hawaii Visitor Pre-screening Program.

the cost of a coronavirus test and english medical certificate at yonsei severance hospital

Kangbuk Samsung Hospital

The PCR COVID-19 test for travel at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital (29 Saemunan-ro, Gyonam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul) will cost around 131,000 KRW — the COVID-19 PCR test is priced at 110,000 won and the English test result certificate will cost an additional 20,000 won — updated to account for a price rise in 2022. Additionally, it is not covered by health insurance. The International Health Services department can be contacted by phone at 02-2001-5100 or e-mail at kbsmc.ic@samsung.com. You can also make an online reservation. Operating hours are between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays only.

Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Medical Center (81 Irwon-ro, Irwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) also offers the COVID-19 test with English results. After speaking with a staff member there on May 14th, 2021, she informed me that the cost of the test itself is 328,000 KRW (weekdays) or 380,090 KRW (weekends). Test results are sent via email on the following day. For tests done on Fridays or Saturdays, the results will be sent by email on the following Monday. For a medical statement, you have to see the doctor, and the consultation costs will be 70,000 KRW. So, the total cost will be at least 398,000 KRW. To speak to hospital staff in English, you can call 02-3410-0200 or e-mail the International Health Services at ihs.smc@samsung.com. You can also fill out their online form.

The Tuntun Pediatric Clinic

According to a comment below, the PCR test at Tuntun Pediatric Clinic in Mapo-gu, Seoul costs approximately 120,000 KRW (100,000 KRW plus an additional 20,000 won if you need the test result certificate.) The clinic is located at 563, Dohwa-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Naver Map). You can call them at 02-704-7575 or send them an email at ttt.pediatric@gmail.com.

Where can I get a rapid antigen test in Seoul, South Korea?

When looking for rapid antigen tests (신속항원검사는) in South Korea, I’ve heard that your best bet would be to find otolaryngology clinics instead of big hospitals which usually offer only PCR testing. The benefit of only needing an antigen test is that the documents and the testing can be prepared the same day and usually within the hour. They’re also significantly cheaper than PCR testing albeit not as accurate.

Again, these are only quick suggestions on where to go if you need an antigen or PCR test in South Korea, however, if you want to find something closer to your location, I highly recommend looking at this list of screen clinics on the Ministry of Health and Welfare website. You can use the Google Translate plugin on the Chrome browser to switch the language from Korean to English. The contact information for the hospital or clinic is provided as well as hours and location. Public Health Centers cannot give you a free PCR or antigen test with English certificates for traveling, and you will have to pay for your test results. Major hospitals are also often more expensive. If you only need an antigen test, look for an ENT or otolaryngology clinic.

List of COVID-19 Screening Clinics in South Korea, provided by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Seocho St. Mary’s E.N.T. Clinic

If you only need an antigen test — for a flight to the United States, for example — you can try going to the Seocho St. Mary’s E.N.T. Clinic (Seocho Sungmo Otolaryngology Clinic or 서초성모이비인후과의원). The clinic is located at 3, Banpo-daero 21-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Naver Map). The antigen test itself will only take about half an hour and the cost will be 59,100 KRW.

Min’s Otolaryngology Clinic

Again, if you need rapid antigen testing done, check your local otolaryngology (ears/throat) clinic. Min’s Otolaryngology Clinic (민이비인후과의원) is located on the 2nd floor, Seongbo Building, 10 Teheran-ro 26-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Naver Map). The cost of rapid antigen testing is 69,100 KRW here.

Jongno Yonsei Otolaryngology Clinic

You can take an antigen test at Jongno Yonsei Otolaryngology Clinic (종로연세이비인후과의원) for around 55,000 KRW. The clinic is located on the 3rd floor, 57 Sambong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Naver Map), near Jonggak and Gwanghwamun Station. The results will be issued within 20-40 minutes. Appointments can be made in advance, and operating hours are between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Dana’s Department of Otolaryngology and Internal Medicine

Seolleung Dana Ivy Throat Clinic (선릉다나아이비인후과의원) also provides antigen and PCR testing with English results. For PCR tests, the website says that the PCR test costs around 120,000 KRW with English results available the next day. The antigen cost is about 70,000 KRW.

Cost of PCR Test and Antigen Test at The Seolleung Dana Ivy Throat Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul

One of the reasons why I recommend this clinic? It is one of the few clinics in Gangnam that is actually open on weekends, including Sundays. I was able to book an appointment for an antigen test way ahead of time by messaging them on Naver Talk in English. I know well how stressful it is to find a clinic that is open on Sundays in South Korea. It ain’t easy — especially as a foreigner.

The Seolleung Dana Ivy Throat Clinic is located on the third floor of 310, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울 강남구 테헤란로 310, Naver Map).

According to Naver, their hours are:

  • Weekdays 09: 00-20: 00 (Lunch break 13: 00-14:00)
  • Saturday 09: 00-18:00 (Lunch break 13: 00-14:00)
  • Sunday 10:00 17:00 (Lunch break 13: 00-14: 00)
  • Public holidays 10:00-17: 00 (Lunch break 13: 00-14:00)

Gangnam Seoul ENT Clinic

Han Ho commented below that you can get rapid antigen testing for about 70,000 KRW at the Gangnam Seoul ENT Clinic in Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The clinic is located at 2F, 403, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Naver Map.)

Rapid Antigen Testing in Gangnam Seoul
Gangnam Seoul ENT Clinic

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114 comments on “Where to Get a COVID-19 PCR Test in Seoul with English Test Results for Traveling

    • Oof, thank you for letting me know. I’ll update the prices. They’re really climbing ?

    • Did anyone find the cheaper Antigen NAAT test (not PCR) in Seoul?
      Since my flight is in the morning I would have to drive just for testing to ICN the day before

    • I can attest that today’s preflight PCR test for me and a few families a few weeks ago for Kangbuk Samsung Centre is still only 109K. Still one of the best rates in the city

    • Ken, kindly if you know,,,procedure at the Kang Buk Sam Sung Hosp for the COVID PCR test for travel, as I read, another poster couple weeks ago,, you just go without appointment,,,tents are outside,,,get the test,,,ask for copies in KR and English language, pay extra,,,pick up results next day??? one person posted this as appointment not needed…..Also,,I am not traveling to Seoul until later this year when all is somewhat better…

    • Sorry I’m just reading this now. No appt required. Just show up – testing site is at a coverted parking lot area beside the main building. Pick up next day in building A – can request English

    • Ken,, I am american…END of this year, when things are better in Japan/korea…I will go to Seoul..visa free 90 days…after 80 days I will get the Covid PCR test for travel at Kang Buk Sam Sung Hospital…fly to Japan, ONLY transit returning to Korea same afternoon…(I have done this so many times in past years)..the Covid PCR travel test I get at Kang Buk Hospital, this should provide the easy re-entry back into Korea as it will have been taken within the 72 hours of exit and re-entry to Korea…..Your thoughts..I see nothing wrong with my plan…THANKS MUCH..Charles Baker……….cdb1944@hotmail.com…..

    • Charles, not PCR-related, but just wanna chime in and remind people that they are requiring Electronic Visa Authorization starting September 2021 for normally visa-free travelers from the United States and other visa-free countries as a way to crack down on illegal stays (overstaying the tourist visa and doing visa runs) as well as controlling people coming in from COVID-19 hot spots.

      You can read more here on the Itaewon Global Village Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/itaewonglobalvillage/posts/2854543921478023)
      and I’ve also written about the Electronic Visa Authorization here – https://momotherose.com/blog/2020/06/08/travel-restrictions-in-korea-2020/#electronic_travel_authorization_in_south_korea

    • As of 8 July, No Walk-ins appointments. Must schedule appointments at least two days prior to your flight.

    • Any major hospital/clinic that gives the Covid PCR test should work fine…I have no idea how long it takes some other hospitals to give the test results…Just read (in this forum) about the samsungkangbuk hospital giving results within 24 hours..

    • hi Ken. Thanks for sharing. How many days does it take to get the result after you take the test? Also, did they accept payment via Visa credit card? Thanks

    • U pay by credit card on testing day. The next day results available in bulding A. They text u that it’s ready on ur Korean SIM if u have one; else usually can show up the next day.

    • Can I pay for Covid PCR test with USA Debit Card and or Korean Currency or ONLY with Credit Card???

    • Can I pay for Covid PCR test with USA Debit Card and or Korean Currency or ONLY with Credit Card??? AT SAM SUNG KANG BUK HOSPITAL???

    • HI Ken…Paying for the Covid PCR test…Can I pay in Local Korean WON currency?? or they ONLY accept payment with Credit Card…THANKS if you know…I e-mailed the hospital but of course NO reply…I am planning my future trip to Seoul and getting as much advance info as I can..thanks

  • Thank you so much for this article. It has been a bit of a nightmare trying to navigate where to go. The phone tree to make a reservation at ICN ends up hanging up on you – so frustrating. Really appreciate the information you provide on your site!

    • Oh, boy! They don’t make it easy. I hope you were able to get an appointment!

  • The Incheon airport testing centre claims that the appointments are available only one day before the test, but something seems strange when I am trying to enter tomorrow’s date ( tried throughout the day, at 12am, 9am, 11am etc…) they claim that every slot is unavailable. Tried calling, but the answering machine just hangs up on me. I am flying in a week and I live in Busan, so it makes things a bit more complicated

    • Replying to my own post, because the situation got resolved. I have managed to reach them on the phone very early in the morning, a very polite guy answered spoke in English, made an appointment in a week. They only had two appointments left and that is 6 days from now, please book as early as possible.

    • You are right — book early as you can. I’d say right after making your plane booking.

      I just got an appt for the day of departure. Made my reservation 9 days out and I think the rep I spoke to just worked us in for that day because the online reservation system wasn’t showing anything.

  • Is Kangbuk Samsung still the same price? Do I need an appointment to get tested or are walk-ups accepted? I keep trying to call their International Health Services at 02-2001-5100 but it seems like no one picks up.

    • Hi Allen!

      I emailed the Kangbuk Samsung International Clinic about 1 month ago (May 14, 2021) and they said:

      “For PCR COVID19 Test for traveling abroad, there [is] no coverage for National Health Insurance at this moment. Here [is] the estimated price for [the] PCR COVID19 Test [at] our hospital.

      Estimated cost for PCR COVID-19 Test:

      – COVID-19 PCR test : 110,000won
      – COVID-19 Test Result Certificate : 1,000won”

      I’m pretty sure it’s still the same, but here is the email for the International Clinic in case you want to check with them there!

      Kangbuk Samsung International Clinic Telephone: 82-2-2001-5100
      Kangbuk Samsung International Clinic Email: kbsmc.ic@samsung.com

      Ken (in the comment thread above) also mentioned that, “No appt required. Just show up – testing site is at a coverted parking lot area beside the main building. Pick up next day in building A – can request English”

    • HI: At kangbuk samsung intl clinic…Can I pay for Covid PCR test with USA Debit Card and or Korean Currency or ONLY with Credit Card??? Thanks…

  • Guys, I figured out the way to get a COVID test for free for travel. Go to the Dongan-Gu Public Health Center in Anyang. I believe they are open everyday besides Saturday from 9am-5pm. If you must get a test on a Saturday, then you need to get the test done at the nearby Lotte Department Store. Make sure you tell them to write your name in English also. Once you are done with the test, you need to return the next business day and they will print out the document required for travel. Mine came out in English and Korean. It says your name, date of birth, the type of test in English which was a PCR test, and the result in English which was “negative. Hope this can help you guys save money.

    • Hey, I got a friend to call this Dongan-gu Health Centre but they’re saying there’s no such thing. They also said I’ll have to get the test at a hospital if I want the result. Did you make an appointment there or did you just do a walk in? If I’m based in Seoul, can I get tested there?

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply I just read this. What I basically did was go to Dongan-Gu office on a Saturday. They were closed, but it said on their front door to go to the Lotte Department Store I got the test done there and told the guy working there to write my name in English. They sent me a text message the next day saying my test came back negative. I went back to the Dongan-Gu office on Monday and I went in there and asked them to print out a document that shows that I received a negative test. It was indeed in English and afterwards I asked if they also do tests for foreigners, which they replied yes. If you would like, I can email you a picture of my document. Hope this can help.

    • Hi Sean thanks for this. Do you think the test centre at Lotte Department Store is open on Sunday? My flight is on Tuesday. I was wondering if I should head there now. Could you let me know what is your kakao ID so I can contact you there?

    • Hello, I’m so sorry I read this now but I’m hoping that you were able to use this process to get on your flight. Please let me know if this process worked for you. Thanks.

  • Also, no I did not need an appointment. When I called, they told me to just come whenever from 9am-5pm. However, I do suggest going on a Saturday to the Lotte Department Store in Pyeongchon if you can because the line at the office was pretty long when I went to pick up my document on Monday at 9am. Just please make sure that you tell them to write your name in English when you fill out the document prior to taking the PCR Test. Some of the people that work there will tell you they don’t do such things because they’re lazy. I had all different responses from four different people. But, trust me, I got it done and now I’m in LA. When you go pick up the document at the Dongan-Gu office, just go straight through the door on your left. The door on the right are for people who are taking the test.

    • It does not matter what city you live in. I’m from Yongin-si and I was able to take the test. Just mark “no” when they ask you if you are a resident of Anyang.

    • Sorry, I meant to put Dongan-Gu Public Health Center, don’t go to the city office.

  • I got tested today at the National Medical Centre in Dongdaemun (국립중앙의료뤈) because Kangbuk Samsung Hospital said they were full for the day(?). It costs 121,930 and when you go in you specify at the reception tent that you are going travelling. They also said they give English translations so I’ll update tomorrow when I get the test result back. As you go to the main entrance turn right and go around the building and everything is there. Each tent is labelled and number 1 is practically at the other side of the building.

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    • HI momotherose, it me. Sherry again. I have just studied the blog and found National Medical Centre is good to me. However, you mentioned in the blog that the PCR test cost is 205,710 KRW but Shiona said it cost 121930. Quite a big difference here. After reading all the comments, I am still confused if they require booking in advance. Do you have any idea about my questions?

      Thank you for sharing so much information about the test arrangement. It helps me to have better understanding.

  • Hi guys,

    I am in need of dire help. I will be departing from Korea on July 19th, 01.45 am. But I can’t find any hospitals that are open on Sundays. Because I will need to be tested on Saturday and get documents on Sunday for my 72 hours to still be valid once I land in Denmark. If I were to test myself on Friday, somewhere around 16-16.30 pm then I am afraid my 72 hours are not valid once I arrive in Denmark. So guys, do you know any hospitals that do PCR-tests, English document, and open on Sundays?

    Thank you!

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  • Hello everyone,

    Do you know whether it is possible to get the test results on the same day if you go in the mornings? My flight leaves early on Tuesday so I would not be able to get the results before leaving for the airport, and it seems difficult to do a test on Sunday. If I do it Saturday I might not be able to do it within 72 hours of departure…
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Slots at Incheon Airport are all booked 🙁

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    • Okay, thanks for the quick reply! I am a little worried about the cost at these clinics, as you said in the article that it can be up to 400.000 won…
      Thanks for all the info on here guys!

    • Do you have this site in English Language…I see no place to change the language from Korean to english…THANKS..

    • You can use Google translate on Chrome. There is no English language site for the government directory.

    • I heard that National Medical Center (국립중앙의료원) is open on weekends. I had my Airbnb host call the hospital for me and this is what I got: “The operating hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis without a reservation. There is an interpreter on weekdays. (02-2260-7114. And then press +1 and wait)”. I also called the hospital, and they said that it takes two days to get results back if tested on a weekend, not sure how it’ll work if tested on Sunday though. But you should definitely give them a call and just tell them that you’re a foreigner and they’ll connect you to an English speaker.

  • Hello,

    I have a quick question regarding the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital. I will be leaving Korea in two weeks and am wondering if I get PCR-tested in the afternoon at like 4 PM maybe and on, e.g a Friday, will I be able to get the results back on Saturday? Or would I need to wait until Monday?

    Thank you beforehand for all the answers!

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  • Hey,
    On Wednesday we will try the Bupyeong Serim Hospital. They tild us we can get a antigen test with English certification. For about 50.000 won

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  • Have the prices increased recently? Min Otolaryngology Clinic says the cost of a rapid antigen test is 2 million won which seems a little bit insane?

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  • So I’m flying out on Wendesday and have been reading through the comments and seen some conflicting info! Do you need an appointment for Kangbuk Samsung Hospital or can you just walk in? And info from someone someone went recently would be very helpful!! Thank you in advance!

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    • Hi Maria, Rich B. commented above on July 8th that they are no longer accepting walk-ins and appointments need to be made two days ahead of time. I would call and/or email them to try to schedule an appointment asap! It seems like most PCR tests at major hospitals require an appointment these days.

  • Hello,
    quick record concerning the Jongro Yonsei ENT clinic !
    We are currently August Friday 6th and my flight is on August 8th 00:40 am (so let’s say tomorrow). Yesterday, I first asked for a PCR test at Korea University Anam Hospital (it is the closest for me) but the secretary told me I couldn’t get the result fast enough for my flight. I started to stress but I saw I could get a fast antigen test (and it’s cheaper) but it is so difficult to find an adress ! This article saved me !
    So, I asked for an appointment yesterday evening on Jongro Yonsei ENT clinic’s website (/!\ very important to do the pre reservation) and received an answer this morning. I got tested on the early afternoon and received my results 20 minutes after. I paid 76210 won (around 56€). The staff speaks english. They will be on holidays on the middle of August so be careful if you want to get tested there.
    Please do not wait the last minute like me to get tested or to find a center to get tested, it is unnecessary stress T_T

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    • Did you get an English certificate of the antigen test? I’m returning to the England but I recently got covid and I have to take a rapid antigen test as it’s not that accurate.

    • Hello!
      Update on Jongro Yonsei ENT clinic (I hope it’s the same clinic, because all ENT clinics names are very similar. But their logo says Jongro Yonsei ENT clinic).
      First, here is the website http://jongroent.com

      I made a COVID-19 PCR test here on December 14th for my international flight from Seoul (Etihad airways). In December it costs 116000 krw, all included (test itself and certificate in English). It was ready next day.

      It says you need an appointment, and I made one (in person, actually, because they didn’t take the phone). But when I came there on appointment time, they didn’t remember my appointment at all and I had to stand in the line (it takes 30 minutes instead of 10, I think). So basically, you don’t need an appointment at least in December 2021. And there were around 20-30 people in their small lobby all for the COVID test so it looks really crowded. I think because of the crowd they don’t care of the appointments for COVID testing anymore and just get all people in line.

      And the test itself was really well done. Doctor has a very tiny camera and he place it inside your nose and throat when taking the sample so he is seeing what he’s doing. It was done very carefully without any damage to nose and throat. It’s the ENT clinic after all, it’s not like the free government facilities where they usually don’t care about your nose :(.

  • Thank you for this-very helpful! Just a note for others- Seocho St. Mary’s E.N.T. Clinic does NOT require a reservation for the anti-gen test. You can show up whenever they are open

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  • Dear Blogger,
    I’m now helping the visitors to our company in Korea and apply for the quarantine exemption.
    Normally,. visitors with quarantine exemption should go to Public Health Center in the visiting area and have a PCR test, not have it in Normal hospital or in Incheon airport.
    I checked this information seral time with the Quarantine center in Incheon airport and PCR test center in Incheon airport,
    Only visitors who attends funeral in Korea or who has a serious symptoms, they can have a test in Incheon airport.

    Could you please revise your contents on it ?
    Otherwise, all visitors to Korea think that they can have a PCR test in Incheon airport on their arrivals.
    This is wrong infos. Please check it again and revised the contents,

    Thank you in advance,

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    • Hi YunJoung,

      Sorry, if this post was confusing. This list is intended for those traveling FROM South Korea (outbound) to overseas countries and not intended for those flying INTO South Korea. The list is important to note where one can take a test before leaving South Korea and boarding the airplane as airlines are requiring COVID-19 tests with English results when flying.

      For those coming INTO South Korea, I understand that one would take a test at a local public health center upon arrival. I’ve had to do it last year after arriving back into South Korea from the United States.

      Best regards,

    • Thank you sooo much for posting this comment! I am traveling to Korea with a business quarantine exemption and I would have made the mistake of trying to get the test at the airport upon arrival. I would have thought this despite this blog, I do not blame the blogger at all and this whole thread has really helped me know what I need to do before I return to the United States. Do you happen to know of any local health centers that are open on Saturdays that are doing the test? I arrive Saturday morning and I am now concerned that I may not be able to get the test or the results until Monday. It does not matter to me if it is in English since I need it to comply with the arrival procedures.
      I just want to say thank you again, and for helping people with this process for your company because it is a little more difficult than I expected.

    • For arrival, you can take a special Covid designated taxi at the airport that will stop at the local public health center of where you’ll be staying. There, you’ll wait in line and get the test. The taxi driver will wait for you and then take you home when you’re done. If you don’t take the Covid taxi, you can take a pcr test usually within 72 hours by walking to the local public health center. You are usually assigned a public health officer at the airport when you give your contact information to the staff at the airport before leaving the terminal, so I’m sure your case officer will know 100%. In case of emergency, you can call the kdca upon arrival to Korea – dial 1339 – and ask for someone who speaks English

    • In my case, the case officer messaged me as soon as I got out of the airport. If you don’t have a Korean phone number, you can download KakaoTalk and give them your ID

    • If you use KakaoMap or Naver Map, you’ll be able to click on a button for local screening centers as well (and their hours)

    • These public health screening centers will fulfill your requirements upon arrival to get tested. However, when you’re leaving Korea, and you need an English certificate showing proof of antigen or pcr test, you cannot go to the same public (free) health centers. You’ll have to pay for your test at a private hospital or clinic to get the English results on paper.

    • Wow this is so helpful, thank you I appreciate you so much! I am doing this by myself and afraid of making a mistake or missing something. I did not know about the Covid designated taxi, which is really helpful because I know I am not allowed to take public transportation per the rules in the exemption certificate. It is also good to know about the case officer, I am so relieved that I may have assistance so I do not mess up. I am really grateful to you, thank you again.

    • No problem! There are also special covid-designated buses as well from the airport (cheaper), but I took a taxi because it was just easier IMO! The buses also don’t stop at the public health centers on the way. Most public health centers are open on Saturdays and Sundays with limited hours that can be viewed here – https://www.mohw.go.kr/react/popup_200128_3.html – just use Google Translate on Chrome to translate from Korean -> English. Your case officer will usually ask you to walk or take a private taxi to the clinic for testing. If for some reason you don’t get assigned a case officer, you can probably call the KDCA 1339 number and ask for help. Good luck! ^^

    • By the way, Lia, I have compiled a few blog posts from Naver regarding quarantine exemption and for those who skipped quarantine after being vaccinated in South Korea. Just use Google Translate on Chrome to switch to English.


      Some acquaintances have recently said that after showing proof of vaccination at the airport, they still have to install the quarantine app, but they can just take regular public transportation back to their house instead of the special covid buses/taxis. They then test a local public health center until they get their results back and then actively self-monitor, going back to their normal day-to-day while being cautious, and then testing after the 6th or 7th day again. I’ve heard you get stuck in a temporary living facility only if you don’t have proof of vaccination, you got vaccinated with a non-approved vaccine (like Sinovac), or you’re coming from a high-risk country like Brazil or South Africa.

      There are a few groups on Facebook that you can search through old posts for more information as well:

    • HI: As of Nov 1st..I have read, one can take a normal taxi to get their covid PCR test that is to be taken ONE day after arrival…at the health center closest to their place of stay…Can you confirm the latest please?? Thanks

    • As far as I know and from my own experience, you have to take a test within the first 24 hours at a local public health center. If you take the Covid-designated taxi at the airport, they will stop at the public health center on the way to your apartment where you will take your first test. Procedures are a bit different depending on whether you have a quarantine exemption, have been vaccinated in Korea, if you’re arriving from an “unsafe” country, or if you’re arriving from overseas without being vaccinated in Korea. Some people are required to pay for a quarantine facility and be tested there. Regarding taking a taxi from your home, I believe they should allow private transportation including taxis but not public transportation to the testing facility. This may differ from city to city or district to district however and eligible vaccination status in Korea.

    • For quarantine information and discussion, I suggest joining this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/quarantineinsouthkorea/

      There’s also a plethora of information on the Korean Air website: https://www.koreanair.com/kr/en/travel-update/covid19/travel-restriction/korea

      As there are some differences on restrictions based on context. For example, those that were fully vaccinated IN Korea have no restrictions on public transportation use (though highly discouraged).

    • The latest news from the Korean government on easing covid restrictions are here: http://ncov.mohw.go.kr/tcmBoardView.do?contSeq=368300
      (You can use Google Translate on Chrome Browser to get an idea of what it says in English)

      Though the biggest difference in overseas arrivals is that they’re shortening quarantine from 14 days to 10 days for those that weren’t vaccinated in Korea and for those that don’t have quarantine exemption.

      I’ve also heard from a friend who spoke with the French embassy in Korea that they may change the regulations after Dec. 1st in Korea, so depending on when you’re arriving to Korea, I would contact your local Korean embassy closer to your arrival date to see what changes. The changes that the French embassy had said were that they may start allowing vaccinated overseas arrivals with a negative PCR test and proof of a recognized vaccine (Pfizer, J&J, Moderna, Astrazeneca) to be allowed quarantine exemption as part of Korea’s push to live with covid.

  • Thank you! This post was a lifesaver. I went to Seocho St. Mary’s ENT, no reservation required, was in and out with written results in English in less than 1 hour. It cost about $50 – way cheaper than the PCR test at a university hospital.

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    • HI Alice, can you provide me the full name of ST Mary’s ENT, address or any info you have about the test ?? I am looking for a hospital or lab to do in Jan 2022. May I suppose it is a authorised testing centre in Seoul?

    • Hi Sherry, the address is in the blog post with a link to the Naver Map above.


      3, Banpo-daero 21-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

      You can get tested there when *leaving* South Korea. If you need a test upon arrival, you will still need to go to a public health center — based on where you’ll be staying.
      Public health centers for testing upon arrival to Korea are listed here:
      https://www.mohw.go.kr/react/popup_200128_3.html. Just search for “보건소” (public health center).

    • thank you for reply me. the centre seems not for PCR test. I tried to email to 2-3 hospitals asking info but nobody replied me. I dont know if it is because I write in english??

    • Hi Sherry,

      There are a few listed above that offer PCR testing. Expect to pay at least 100,000 KRW for PCR versus the antigen which is significantly cheaper.

      Try emailing the International Clinic at Kangbuk – kbsmc.ic@samsung.com

      Estimated cost for PCR COVID-19 Test at Kangbuk Hospital (more information listed above in this blog post): COVID-19 PCR test : 110,000won + COVID-19 Test Result Certificate : 1,000won = 111,000 KRW.

      Telephone 82-2-2001-5100 | Address: 29, Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03181, Korea

      Regarding getting responses in English, I haven’t had a problem, so this could be a busy time for them maybe?

  • We will depart Seoul on 19 Dec 2021 (3:50pm) to Singapore and required to obtain a negative PCR test results within 48 hours before taking the flight to Singapore. Anyone know whether National Medical Centre or some medical clinic nearby can conduct the PCR test at 4pm and collect back in the next day (Sat)? The test will take up to maximum how many hours to get out the result (with English report)? How can we book in advance?

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    • PCR tests results are usually received the following day in the afternoon and shouldn’t take more than 1 day. I would email clinics to see if they’ll let you book in advance!

    • Do you have any recommended medical clinic(s) that we can book the appointment in advance and able to communicate in English?

    • Visit kankuk university hospital, if you tested very early in the morning and give result on same day or easily get it on next day morning. Working days8:30 to 5 pm and Saturday (8:30 to 12 pm). Take care off time, no advance booking needed. Fee approximately about 135000 incl. Test n certificate (without insurance). With insurance It reduced to 120000.

  • Bad experience
    Dana’s Department of Otolaryngology and Internal Medicine
    I talk to them for PCR test and made an appointment for 27 Nov. But just before test they inform me that your will get result after 4 days (1 Dec 2021). Lab closed for 3 days without alternate arrangements. It was big joke as travelling need a valid PCR test within 72 hours and once you missed a target date, making another appointment become very hard on weekends as most of hospitals are closed for test. In short they r not operating 24/365 days and just making people life hard especially if you are international traveller. Pls visit proper hospital not these clinics for PCR test

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  • Visit kankuk university hospital, for PCR test. if you tested very early in the morning and give result on same day or easily get it on next day morning. Working days 8:30 to 5 pm and Saturday (8:30 to 12 pm). Take care off time, no advance booking needed. Fee approximately about 135000 incl. Test n certificate (without insurance). With insurance It reduced to 120000.

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  • We will depart Seoul on 21 Dec 2021 (11:35 am) to Hungary with a transit in Warsaw and required to obtain negative PCR test results within 72 hours. Does anyone know whether National Medical Centre or some medical clinic nearby can conduct the PCR test on a weekend with giving out the results on Monday? The test will take up to maximum how many hours to get out the result (with English report)? How can we book in advance?

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    • National medical center is good for weekend test day as very less hospitals available on weekend especially sunday. Most university hospital open on Saturday from 8:30 to 11 am or maximum 12 pm( kankuk,uni).
      Weekend day come early about 8 am as test start at 8:30 to 1 pm. Result comes on next day ( Monday). I got tested today.
      Fee is 145450, incl. All charges, English certificate etc. This is valid for all other countries except China. Chinese people fee is 283000 to 289000won. Visa card/ cash both accepted. Staff is v cooperative. NMC located near exit 13 of dongdemun culture and history park station.

  • National medical center is good for weekend test day as very less hospitals available on weekend especially sunday. Most university hospital open on Saturday from 8:30 to 11 am or maximum 12 pm( kankuk,uni).
    Weekend day come early about 8 am as test start at 8:30 to 1 pm. Result comes on next day ( Monday). I got tested today.
    Fee is 145450, incl. All charges, English certificate etc. This is valid for all other countries except China. Chinese people fee is 283000 to 289000won. Visa card/ cash both accepted. Staff is v cooperative. NMC located near exit 13 of dongdemun culture and history park station.

  • Jongno Yonsei Clinic also does PCR tests – for only 100,000 (including results in English) if you have Korean insurance. You must take the test before noon to pick up the results the next day, and you must make an appointment. At least one of the women at reception speaks English perfectly, so it’s all very easy. Highly recommended. (As stated above, they also do antigen tests for 55,000 with results in 15 minutes.)

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    • I went to Jongno Yonsei for my Pre Departure ART and there was no problem. However, I realized it is not listed in the Medical Institutions list. Is that alright? Or does the list only contain PCR Test centre?

  • Latest update from the KBSMC International Health Service
    Contact info:
    KBSMC International Health Service
Tel 82-(0)2-2001-5100
E-mail kbsmc.ic@samsung.com

    I emailed them about the details of their PCR test, this was their response. I hope it’s of use for anyone. It seems like their prices have gone up, so it isn’t one of the cheapest anymore (from 111.000₩ to 131.000₩)

    Here are information regarding COVID19 PCR test. (Only PCR test are available)
    * COVID 19 test is done at the COVID 19 test center as as walk-in clinic (no prior appointment is needed)
    * COVID 19 test center
    – Location : Building B B1 parking lot (When going up the stairs from the main street to hospital to your right will see a parking lot entrance)
    – Office hour : MON-FRI 08:00~11:30, 13:00~16:30 / closed on holidays
    (There may be limits on the number of registrations for the test on the day)
    * COVID 19 certificate
    – Location : Building B B1 parking lot
    – Office hour : MON-FRI : 09:00~12:00, 13:00~16:30 SAT : 08:30~11:30 / closed on holidays
    Steps for COVID 19 test and certificate
    1. Registeration at the COVID19 test center
    2. Questionary before test at the COVID19 test center
    3. Paymemt at the COVID19 test center
    3. COVID19 test
    4. Will be receiving test result by text within 8hrs~24hrs(Korean phone number only)
    5. Come back to COVID 19 test center following day for the certificate(On the day certificate are not available)
    ※ Please have your passport and ARC card(If you have one) all time ※
    Estimated cost for COVID-19 test are
    – COVID-19 PCR test : 111,000won(KRW)
    – Certificate : 20,000won(KRW)
    ※ This process is for simple COVID 19 test result certificate in English.
    If you require specific certificate such as COVID19 medical certificate, Japan COVID19 certificate, and etc prior appointment is needed with famly medicine department.

    Thank you
    Yeajin Joo

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  • According to the information below, you don’t need the information in English.


    All air passengers 2 years or older with a flight departing to the US from a foreign country at or after 12:01am EST (5:01am GMT) on December 6, 2021, are required show a negative COVID-19 viral test result taken no more than 1 day before travel, or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 in the past 90 days, before they board their flight.

    Airlines and other aircraft operators must be able to confirm the test result and proof of vaccination and review other required information and should determine when translation is necessary for these purposes. If your documents are in a language other than English, you should check with your airline or aircraft operator before travel.

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  • Thank you so much for leaving such a detailed list of places to get the PCR test. These pandemic times are trying and unprecedented for some of us. I’m itching to get to traveling again. So for a family of 4 tourists like us who want to travel to Seoul for 4 days, the requirement to get a PCR test 1 day after arrival can be fulfilled at a public health center? Will they turn us away if they know we’re tourists? Thank you for any info on this.

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    • The official rules state that short term visitors and tourists must pay for testing. The public health center is free for local residents *at the moment* upon return to korea. I’m not 100% sure if they will turn you away as a tourist at this time. I think some have gotten away with it earlier during the pandemic as I’ve heard, but most likely the safest bet would be to pre-book a test at incheon airport (however you will have to pay). The airport testing is just outside in the parking lot area and reasonable.




  • I am american,,will return to Seoul in couple months…I understand that due to my age
    of 78 years old,,I can get a pcr test at the local health center..this is what I have read on several sites..I saw over age 60 this is possible….Hope it is correct…otherwise will just go to clinic…

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  • There are more clinics available for PCR test in Seoul !

    Estimated Cost for PCR COVID-19 Test at “The Tuntun Pediatric Clinic” :
    COVID-19 PCR test : 100,000 won(KRW)
    + COVID-19 Test Result Certificate : 20,000 won(KRW)
    = 120,000 KRW.

    Weekdays 08: 00-19: 00 (Lunch break 12: 30-14:00)
    Saturday / Sunday / Public holidays 09: 00-13:00 (No Lunch break)

    Telephone 82-2-704-7575
    Address: 563, Dohwa-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    E-mail : ttt.pediatric@gmail.com
    The Tuntun Pediatric Clinic 더튼튼소아청소년과의원

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  • There is one more near Gangnam Station. It seems that foreigners can only Rapid antigen test.

    Result can be checked within 30 minutes on the same day

    Gang-nam Seoul ENT Clinic conduct COVID-19 tests (Rapid Antibody Test)
    for foreign outbound passengers and issue result sheets.

    #Operating hours
    open close break time
    Mon ~ Fri 9:00 19:00 13:00~14:00
    Sat 9:00 14:00
    Sun 9:00 13:00
    Holidays closed

    #Information on testing
    Item Test fee Issuance fee Total
    Rapid Antigen Test KRW 50,000 KRW 20,000 KRW 70,000
    Location : 2F, 403, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

    ※ As tests will be conducted after checking your identity with your passport, please be sure to bring your passport.
    ※ If the body temperature is 37.5℃ or higher or if you have respiratory symptoms, you cannot be tested. (If you have symptoms, please visit the nearest public health center.)

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  • Another clinic that works well and open on weekend (Sat and Sun 9am to 8pm) is St Peter Hospital in Gangnam. They are in the Korea government list (link is above in the article).

    I just collected my PCR report and medical certificate to travel to HK. Cost: krw93k for the PCR + krw40k for the report. I did the PCR Saturday 4pm, and collected the report Sunday 12 noon.

    The past two times I did at Kangbuk, which also works quite well, but not open on weekends, and I need it for Monday.

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