Finding a wedding photographer that suits your style can be a difficult endeavor, and more so when you factor in living abroad in South Korea! Discover English-speaking engagement and wedding photographers in South Korea with these local recommendations. Perfect for capturing your special moments with ease and communication.

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Expat weddings are not easy. Since there’s so much to get through, I divided my wedding planning post into different parts. Once each post is ready, I’ll update the links here with the journey. Stay tuned!

Engagement Photos in Korea

I looked at a few English-speaking professional photographers in South Korea, but since we were throwing so much money at wedding vendors in France, including a wedding photographer, I didn’t want to spend so much money on engagement photos.

Instead, we decided to do a simple photoshoot at Photomatic in Sinsa-dong, Seoul where they set up a DSLR camera on a tripod and you take your own photos with a wired camera remote. The backdrop was clean and simple, and there were two stools for us to sit on. The room attendant checked in on us periodically to make sure everything was going okay. We chose the B&W photo package, and they provided us with light retouching to make sure that our photos came out picture-perfect. You can book an appointment directly on Naver Booking, and the staff spoke enough English for us to get by.

I also looked into The Gaeul Studio which is an all-inclusive photo studio where they provide makeup, hair, dresses, tuxedo, backdrop(s), and a photographer, but the prices were between 2,000,000 and 3,000,000 won. It was a bit steep for my engagement photo budget, but the sample photos are absolutely beautiful.

We may still decide to do a proper engagement shoot this summer, but we’re still deciding the details. I did shortlist a couple below which you’ll be able to check out as well.



Photomatic is a self-service photo studio with a camera, lights, and backdrop. Reservations are necessary due to the limited 10 groups per day. The 15-minute time slot is generally adequate and leads to natural-looking photos. Full and half-body portrait options are offered. Clients can review photos with staff, select for retouching, and print with the Basic Shooting package. The studio provides digital/printed copies of two chosen photos and a video.

Wedding Photographer

Dongjin Kim

Jin Kim is an English-speaking photographer in Seoul, South Korea who specializes in wedding, engagement, and couples photography. His rates and packages are listed on his Naver blog.

Wedding Photographer

Lorryn Smit

Lorryn Smit is a South Korea-based wedding photographer and visual storyteller, capturing emotions and memories to create exquisite images that reflect each couple’s unique journey. She finds joy in everyday life and is inspired by human connection and exploring Korea’s natural beauty. Lorryn’s philosophy is that every human being deserves to be seen and her work goes beyond just taking pictures to preserve priceless memories forever.

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