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Greetings, dear reader! As someone who takes great pride in well-groomed eyebrows, the time had come for me to seek out a professional touch once more. Fortunately, I was recently invited to the microblading and eyelash extension studio, @stylashbyclaire, located near Sinchon Station in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. Having heard glowing reviews through word of mouth, I was excited to experience her beauty services for myself. Join me as I share my firsthand experience at Claire’s studio, where she worked her magic on my brows and lashes, leaving me feeling confident and fabulous.

Update (April 22, 2024)

I just want to add that I rely on Claire to keep my eyelashes and eyebrows beautiful! I have been going back to her time and time again. She had my brows picture-perfect for my autumn wedding, and my close friends kept asking me what my secret was (as they remember the days when my eyebrows were less immaculate.) I can only say good things about her and recommend her for all your beauty needs! I updated the photos of her studio below from my last visit, as she’s since upgraded her setup since my first visit.
Eyebrows and lashes before microblading and eyelash extensions - light makeup applied
Eyebrows and lashes before microblading and eyelash extensions – light makeup applied

First Impressions at Stylash by Claire

As soon as I stepped into the studio, I was greeted by a clean, cozy space filled with soft light and soothing music playing in the background. Meeting Claire, the owner and an expat living in Korea, was an absolute pleasure. Her attention to detail was evident from the start. I filled out the customer intake form, noting my preferred brow shape – a soft arch – and we quickly discussed the combination brows procedure I would get that day. With meticulous care, Claire outlined my brows, considering the previously faded microblading and my hair color.

Microblading Experience in Seoul

As a seasoned microblading veteran, I knew what to expect. Claire began by applying a numbing cream to my brows, which took about 20 minutes to take effect. Once my brows were comfortably numb, she began the microblading process with great care. I was pleased to learn that she used imported pigment, which is known to last longer than the local variety. Claire’s skill and precision were evident as she crafted the perfect arch for my face, leaving me excited to see the final result.

Eyelash Extensions Experience in Seoul

With my microbladed brows freshly done, Claire suggested I try out lash extensions. Although I had never done lash extensions before, I had heard rave reviews from friends who get them regularly, so I thought, “Why not?”

I expressed my desire for a natural-looking set of lashes and entrusted Claire to choose the length that best suits my features. I closed my eyes and let Claire work her magic as she carefully placed each lash on my eyelid. Truth be told, I’m sure I fell asleep in between, so I’m hopeful that Claire didn’t mind my snoring too much.

Lash Extension and Microblading Results

Freshly microbladed eyebrows and eyelash extensions in Seoul - close up with minimal face makeup
Day after – Freshly microbladed eyebrows and eyelash extensions close up with minimal face makeup

Once everything was done, she showed me the aftercare for the microblading. If you’re looking for more detailed information about the microblading process and aftercare, I’ve outlined it in a previous blog post, “An Expat’s Guide to Microblading in South Korea.” I know that the first day after getting microblading done, it always looks too dark and sharp since the eyebrows need time to heal naturally and for the color to fade. Trust the process. Once my eyebrows have time to heal (around one month), I’ll update this post again with the final look.

As for my eyelashes, I really enjoyed the look of eyelash extensions, and even without makeup, I felt really glam. When my very French significant other came home from work to see my lashes, he exclaimed, “Ooh la la! Les yeux!”

I’d probably save the lash extensions for special occasions since I’m big on oil cleansing and waterproof eye makeup — a big no-no for eyelash extension maintenance. Eyelash extensions typically last anywhere about 2-4 weeks before significant lash fallout.

Strolling down the street in Seoul with freshly microbladed eyebrows and eyelash extensions
Strolling down the street in Seoul with freshly microbladed eyebrows and eyelash extensions

Customer Service and Aftercare at Stylash by Claire

Claire’s customer service was top-notch, and she made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Having lived in Australia and China, we were able to discuss life abroad, and we had zero issues communicating in English. When I mentioned that I had three little ones at home due to my recent engagement, she gave me some delicious crackers to bring home to the kids, and they happily gobbled up!

1. Avoid water for 7 days.
2. Do not use any cleansing oil or facial oil products over eyebrow area for 7 days.
3. When you use foam cleansing for washing your face, please wash except eyebrow area.
4. Make up is available a day after the procedure.
Make up for eyebrow is available after 2 weeks.
5. Do not drink alcohol for 3 days.
6. Apply the provided cream 3 times a day for 5 days
7.Don't pick and peel scabs, never scratch the eyebrow area. The scabs will fall off in 3-7 days depending on skin condition.
8. Avoid active sports, sauna, spa for a week.
Claire showing me the microblading eyebrow aftercare instructions

Claire provided me with aftercare items to ensure proper healing of my microbladed eyebrows and maintenance of my lash extensions. She gave me an aftercare serum for my lashes, a little eyelash spoolie, and several packets of eyebrow cream. She also took the time to remind me of lash and brow care basics, such as avoiding steam, water, sweat, oil cleansers, and waterproof makeup on the treated areas.

For lash extension care, she advised me to keep my eyelashes clean with a gentle, oil-free eyelash shampoo and brush regularly with an eyelash spoolie. She also cautioned against intense heat, sweat, oil, or makeup around the eyes. I’ll probably pick up a bottle of oil-free Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water to ensure that I clean my face without damaging my new lashes.

Eyelash refills are recommended after 2-3 weeks to maintain a full lash line. Since lash extensions are fixed to your natural lashes, the fallout will happen alongside the growth cycle of your natural lashes.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Price List

Claire’s beauty services are more than fair in my opinion as many popular beauty studios tend to run higher. The price list below is from 2023 and it is subject to change, but this is a baseline of how much microblading, semi-permanent makeup, and eyelash services cost in South Korea:

  • Microblading: 240,000*
  • Ombre Brows: 250,000*
  • Combo Brows: 250,000*
  • Eyeliner: 270,000
  • Lips: 280,000
  • Lash Lift (Perm): 50,000
  • Last Tint: 20,000
  • Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions – Natural: 89,000
  • Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions – Full Set: 109,000
  • Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions – Mega Set: 179,000
  • Classic Eyelash Extensions – 60 Set: 69,000
  • Classic Eyelash Extensions – 80 Set: 82,000
  • Classic Eyelash Extensions – 100 Set: 95,000

* Eyebrow procedures include one free touch-up within 6 weeks.


My experience getting my eyebrows microbladed and eyelash extensions at Claire Fang’s studio near Sinchon Station in Seoul was delightful. Claire’s attention to detail, skill, and use of high-quality imported pigment made the microblading process comfortable and yielded impressive results. The added bonus of trying out eyelash extensions was a pleasant surprise, and I loved the glamorous look they gave me. Claire’s customer service was friendly and professional, and the pricing was reasonable, especially for foreigners living or visiting South Korea.

If you’re considering microblading or eyelash extensions in Seoul, I highly recommend checking out Claire Fang’s studio. Not only will you be in good hands, but you’ll also enjoy a cozy and welcoming environment. Say goodbye to eyebrow pencils and mascara and hello to effortlessly bold brows and lush lashes. Book your appointment today and get ready to enhance your natural beauty with Claire’s expert services.

How to Book an Appointment

Booking can be made by direct message on Instagram, @stylashbyclaire, Facebook, or KakaoTalk. Her hours are typically 9:30 am to 7:30 pm (Monday through Saturday.)

Stylash by Claire is currently located at 3F, Myeongmul-gil 50-4, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul (서대문구 명물길 50-4 3층 – Naver Map). The closest subway stations are Sinchon Station (Line 2) or Sinchon Station (Gyeongui Jungang Line). Once you enter the building from the main entrance (video), you can walk up the stairs to the top floor (third floor) to enter her studio.

The entrance to the Stylash by Claire’s studio. Walk with me in this video.
Beauty Salon

Stylash by Claire

Stylash by Claire is a beauty studio in Seoul that specializes in semi-permanent makeup like microblading, lash lifts, lash tints, and eyelash extensions.

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  • Thank you for this recommendation! I’m working on making a booking with her now. What style of microblading did you do? And how long was your total appointment for both the microblading and eyelash extensions?

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    • Hi Emily,

      If I remember correctly, it took a total of about 2 hours for microblading (combo brows) plus maybe an hour for eyelash extensions. The touch-up appointment was much shorter as she just had to refine what was already there.

      Hope that helps,

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