I work a full-time office job, so it’s hard to keep up with a rigid posting schedule! If there is anything at all that you feel would contribute to the ex-pat and travel community in South Korea, let me know and we can collaborate!

This blog is a personal project of mine, and I pay for the hosting/upkeep out of pocket, so, unfortunately, I won’t be able to compensate you financially. Of course, you’ll get the link backs to your social media and personal blogs. Currently, my goal for this blog is just to increase practical knowledge available for ex-pats living in South Korea online and for those interested in all things Korean to make their lives easier.

Contribute a Guest Post

If you feel like you’re an authority on a topic related to living in South Korea, travel, and/or Korean style and beauty, pitch me your idea!

General Guidelines for Contributing

Posts must be original to momotherose.com, so please do not copy & paste material from your personal blog. I would be happy to link back to your social media and/or your personal blog, however.

You are more than welcome to draw from your own experiences to come up with your own ideas and topics. Articles can be structured as lists, how-to guides, explainer posts, expert roundups, opinion posts, and think pieces. Ideally, completed posts should be at least 1,000 words.

When writing your proposed outline, please write up a brief introduction (200-300 words) with the main headings, and detail what you will cover in each section. What will the audience take away from reading the post and how will this help expats or those new to South Korea?

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