Yes, I am a shopaholic. This is no real, juicy confession. As it’s real pain in my derrière to find shoes larger than a US size 6 or 7 in Korea, I’ve resorted to scanning the bowels of the internet for a solution. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of heavy shopping on Coupang, Korea’s answer to Amazon.

I recently bought a pair of black flats in Korea off of Coupang after searching for the elusive ‘big-sized shoes’ — an unapologetic term for us, larger-footed folk. After a quick scan, I purchased a pair of basic, suede-looking, black flats from Reo Collection in my size, US shoe size 10 (265 Korean).

The description: Black suede texture, synthetic leather lining.


The Good

Affordable at around 38,000 KRW. Fits perfectly. The shoes are stylish and can easily be paired with any dressier outfit. Light inner padding is also a nice addition.

The Bad

Back of heel digs in, and the stiff synthetic material is uncomfortable. Would not wear for long periods of time unless I suddenly develop a taste for masochism.


I won’t repurchase from this brand, but I’ll hold on to the shoes to wear out at dinners where I’ll be sitting for the majority of the time.

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